Had some great luck on Monday night

I was playing at the club last night. Not playing very well but I ran into a lot of good luck.

 First of all, I played in the re-buy. In the first couple of hands I was dealt pocket aces. The starting stacks are 700 chips and the blinds are 25/50 for the first 45 minutes. I raised to 250 under the gun. I get called by the person on my left and everyone else folds. The flop comes KQT rainbow. I raise and we end up going all-in for our remaining chips. He flips over TT and his hand holds up to win the hand.

 I rebuy again after that. I’m doing alright and I make it to the freeze-out after one and a half hours of play with about 3500 chips. I buy an add-on of 1000 chips for an extra £10, so my stack is now about 4500 chips – about average.

 The blinds are now on 150/300 and I making some moves to try and take the blinds. One time I tried make a steal I ended up putting in a big amount of my stack with QTs against a small stack with TT. I lost that one. A few hands later I go for another steal. I end up going allin with ATs against AJo. The hand ends up being a draw. Quite a lucky escape.

 Now here’s the real luck. I go for another steal with 78o! I end up going allin and I’m up against JJ and KQo! I am a massive underdog here. Anyway, I’m shouting for a straight. An 8 flops and now a 7 or another 8 are outs. The turn and river are blank and I’m thinking I’m going home in a minute. Then someone says, “Flush!”. I look at the table. There are 4 clubs down and I’m holding the 7 of clubs. I look at the two hands I’m up against and neither of them has a club. I win the hand! Some intense stuff. I was over the moon and there were high-fives all round. I now have a nice sized stack and was in a good position to finish in the money, but wasn’t in a good position to win. The blinds were big and I still needed some more chips to finish in the top 3 where the real money was.

 I ended up in 7th place and took £40. A profit of £10. Not great, but at least I didn’t lose any money and I did gain some valuable experience.

 One hand to note was against an aggressive player when we were close to money. I was in the big blind. It gets folded round to the button and an aggressive player raises to 3xBB. The small blind folds and I call with QJo. I made the call since it seemed like a clear steal and I thought I could knock him off the hand later on. The flop comes K93. The flop missed me but I think it also missed him and I have a gut shot. I decided that I was going to make a check-raise bluff. An outrageous move, but you get such a big rush when you pull it off. I figured that if I made a move for the pot now I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. So I checked and he makes a bit of 2200 into a pot of about 3000, as I expected. But then I start to think about the allin move I’m about to make for about 9000 chips. Is it really worth it? What if he did hit his King? and his initial raise wasn’t a steal, but a raise to try and get some more money out of the hand with his AK. If I fold I’m still in a good position to finish ITM (in the money). In the end, my nerves got the better of me and I decided to fold. I didn’t find out what the guy had and I doubt I ever will.

 I played really badly in the rebuy. I don’t know why I was making the moves I made. I was probably just a bit impatient.

 Anyway, after the rebuy I watched one of my friends finish in 4th place and take home £130. A very poor finish seeing as he had about 50% of the total chips at one point. Also, he declined to take £250 about 10 minutes earlier.

 After a 30 minute break I went up to play in the cash game. I bought in for £30. £25 is minimum buyin and £100 is the maximum. The game is pot-limit holdem and BB and SB are both £1. The table is 8-10 handed. The players at this game are very loose and aggresive and there is nearly always preflop betting. I was playing tight. The tightest at the table in fact and I hit 2 fullhouses after about an hour or two of play. My stack was now at £75.

 I get dealt KQo. Not a great hand. I’m on the BB and the player under the gun raises “Pot” to £5. 2 players call and everyone else folds. I decide to call the extra £4 since the player that made the raise has been raising a lot preflop so I could definitely have the best hand at the moment. The other 2 callers didn’t show great strength either since they were also quite loose.

 The flop comes 2 5 6 rainbow. The person in the SB checks. I decide to raise to £15. There’s currently £21 in the pot. I made this move because up to now, I had only been playing solid values and my move showed a lot of strength. Also, it was very likely that the flop missed everyone out there. The player to my left folds (the initial raiser). The next player, whom I know very well decides to call (he is the weakest player at the table and really doesn’t know what’s going on even though he thinks he does). The player in the SB folds. The turn is a 9 and there are no possible flush draws out there. I make a bet of £40 since my opponent looks weak and I think that I can push him off the hand. He decides to call! I’m in trouble! The river is a Queen. I’m almost convinced that’s saved me and I bet allin for the rest of my chips. Only £11 more. He calls and flips over 44. Everyone at the table is trying to guess what my hand is and people are saying I have a set or an overpair or 2 pair. They’re all wrong and I flip over my KQo and take a pot of £150. That’s nearly $300 for any of you Americans reading this. That is way, way above my bankroll and I would never play for that much online. $300 basically is my bankroll online. But in live games I can get some money together off my parents and some other different things.

 My analysis of the hand is as follows. The guy I was trying to push out the hand made a massive mistake playing the hand with 44. I really can’t believe he played to the end with that. His argument is that he can read me, because I play with him a lot. But I had showed a really tight image all night and was playing my solid hands in the same way. I don’t think that he can read me. I just think that he is a calling station and an idiot. And you know what they say: “Don’t try and bluff an idiot!” – that is so true. I think half the reason he called was because he had a gut shot. He falls in love with any kind of draw. Last week, this player went allin with A9s preflop and 3 people had gone allin before him. He called and the others flipped over QQ, JJ and AKs – he lost the hand. lol. And lost a big amount of money, especially for him. I’ll remember from this that I should never try and bluff this guy again. And if I ever hit a monter against him. I’ll bet it very aggressively.

 I got very lucky that night and I didn’t deserve to win so much. But that’s poker!

 I ended my night of poker at 5am cashing out £142. I made a grand profit of £122 (about $230). That’s the most I’ve ever won at poker. Hopefully the good luck will continue.

 I’ll be writing on my blog tomorrow. So be sure to come back.


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