Super-aggressive style

A lot of the top players play super-aggressive poker. Examples are Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, etc. These players are at the top their game and really know what they’re doing. How does someone like me learn to play super-aggressive poker?

Is it possible to play super-aggressive poker online at the low stakes. People will call you down to the end with pocket 2s and AhKhQhJh9s on the board (a bit of an exageration, but you will find anything at the low stakes online).

I tried playing a bit aggressively this afternoon. I was playing an SnG for about 10-20 minutes and I hadn’t been in any hands. I thought I’d start playing a bit more aggressively as the blinds started to increase. I ended up loosing a big portion of my stack to a guy who decided to see me to the end with a pair of sixes – which was middle pair on the flop, but there were more overcards on the turn and river. He had to give me respect for my play but he didn’t. I hadn’t played a hand and he still decides to call with a weak hand.

I’m going to work more on my aggressive game, because that seems to be the way to win at poker. I can always fall back on my tight play.


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