My pocket Aces loose and I go on semi-tilt

I was playing an SnG today and I was doing very wel. I was playing my A-game and had about 5000-5200 chips. I was playing at and the starting stacks are 1500 chips per person. There were about 6 or 7 people left and I’m dealt pocket aces.

The blinds are at 200/400 and the person in first position goes allin for about 750 chips. The person in second position goes allin for about 1500 chips. It then gets folded to round to me and I move allin with my 5000 chips. Another player behind (the second big stack) then decides to call the allin for his 3000 chips.

Everyone flips over there cards: the person in first position had QJo. The person in second has A6o and the person behind me has 99. The stats say that I’m a 60% favourite to win this hand outright.

Anyway, the cards come down and the player behind hits a set of 9s and the player in first position hits a straight. I’m got really annoyed about this. I don’t why the player behind me decided to call with pocket 9s! Did he actually think he stood even a 25% chance of winning the hand? If I had lost the hand, but beaten the person with pocket 9s I wouldn’t have been annoyed because I wouldn’t have made a loss and one more person would have been knocked out. But that didn’t happen!

A few hands later I push allin with QJo in 2nd position and get called by the guy that hit the straight a few hands before when I had my Aces cracked by everyone. He flips over AJo and wins the hand.

One minute I’m in a solid position to the SnG. Two minutes later and I’m out of it. Things can change around quickly in poker.

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