Came 2nd in a $108 SnG just now

This afternoon I won a ticket to a $108 SnG. this is how it happened:

A few days ago I came 2nd in a $14+1.5 SnG. The winner got a seat in a $108 SnG. I came 2nd and got a ticket to another qualifier and $1 too. Today I used that ticket in a MTT qualifier with 13 people in it. I won it. I was feeling good and playing well so I decided to play the $108 SnG immediately after. (Also, I’ve had a look at the high-stakes SnGs before and they take ages to fill up – I saw one with 7 out of 10 people already registered, so I played).

In the first few rounds I didn’t play any hands. I was slightly nervous and scared of losing – but playing very, very tight at the beginning of an SnG seems to be the best tactic.

The blinds started to increase and I started making some plays and stealing a few small pots. After about 30 minutes of play the first person got knocked out. After about 45 minutes there were 6 people left and I had one of the smallest stacks. My stack was at about 2200 (starting stack is 2000) and everybody else had more.

Then came quite a big hand. I raised preflop and got one caller. I had quite a tight table image and my previous steals were not called. The pot was about 1000 chips and the other guy checked on the flop. I bet 500. He then reraised me 500. I decided to fold because I only had Q high. The other guy was playing very tight as well and I doubt his check raise was a bluff. My chip stack was now 1300 and the blinds were at 150/75. A few hands later I doubled up (can’t remember how) and I was on about 3000 chips. I was still about average.

From here I kept making steals and bluffs and worked my way up to chip leader. A few more people got knocked out and we now had 4 people left. I worked my way up to over 10k chips which was more than 50% of the total number of chips (the total being 20k).

The player on my right was very, very tight. So every time the hand got folded to me and I was in the SB I would steal. I think he called me once out of about 10-20 steals. The one time he did call me I stole the pot away from him when he missed his flop.

The blinds were getting big and people were getting desperate. Another player went alling for about 2500-3000 chips. I called with A8s – he had T7o and won the hand. The loss didn’t really hurt me at the time, but this player went on to win the SnG.

2 players eventually got knocked out and we were heads up. I started off well. Then we went back to where we started. Then I decided to move allin preflop with 54o. He called with K8o and won the hand. I don’t know why I made that move. The blinds were big, but I wasn’t that desperate. 54o is really weak. In that hand I thought I had won the SnG. The flop showed 48x. The turn was a 4. The only card that could keep him in it now was one of the two 8s left in the deck. 5% chance of that happening. But it happened. I know I was behind when the hand started, but it still hurts – especially when $200 is at stake.

I now had 4000-4500 chips left. I doubled up the next hand and we were about evens. A few hands later we went allin. His 66 vs AJs. He won the hand and won the SnG. I had complete control at one point and I really messed up. I played nearly a perfect SnG. Only went wrong on 2/3 hands I think, but I didn’t win it.

Great experience but I really wish I had won it. Good night all. x


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