Came 5th out of 34 in the rebuy last night

I played the rebuy tourney at The Club last night and finished in 5th. I played quite well in the rebuy period. I bought in twice and then bought an addon. I had about 7500 chips at the beginning of the freezeout. (Buyin is £10 for 700 chips and at the end of the rebuy you can buy an addon of 1000 chips for an extra £10).

One hand to note near the end of the rebuy was when I had 77. Blinds are at 100/50. I’m in the BB and the player in first position raised to 400. There are 7 players at the table. The player in 2nd position called. Every else folds and the action is now on me. I decided to call this hand. The players at the table were very aggressive and it seemed like everytime that I had chips in the pot, the player on my right would make a raise.
The flop comes: KT7 rainbow. I decided to just check. I’m not like a massive slowplayer and usually bet when I hit a strong hand. But this time I thought that if I raised everyone would fold. But if I checked then there could easily be a raise behind me and I could make much more money out of the pot. Also, I’m not too worried about drawing hands. It’s quite a harmless flop.
The player on my right goes allin. The next player calls the allin. I call the allin. I have both stacks covered easily. We flip over our cards. I can’t remember what the player to my right had, but it was worse than top pair. The player on his right shows Q9 and has a gut shot. I avoided the jack which gave him the straight and won the hand. Nicely played hand.
I did actually play this hand aggressively although it seems as if I played it quite weak. By me checking I gave the drawing hands a chance to outdraw me. If I bet, everybody folds and I win the hand with minimum risk. But we were still in the rebuy period so I was happy to have extra risk for a greater reward. Even if we were into the freezeout stage I would be happy to play the hand like this – (I’m sure anyone would).

A later hand: Blinds are at 150/300. My stack is about 6k/7k. 7-handed. Player in 1st position limps in. I’m in 4th position and have pocket 7s again. I decide to raise to 1000. I thought I could push everyone off the pot and even if I did get a call. I was still ahead. It gets folded to the player in 1st position. He moves allin. I call instantly because the raise is only a few more chips. He flips over pcoket kings! I didn’t think this player was capable of making this play. He’s one of my friends and I thought that if he had a decent hand he would have raised the pot. Also, I had lent him £10 to buy a 1000 chip addon. That could have ended up loosing me an extra 1000 chips. But it didn’t: I hit a straight and knocked my friend out. Ended up well that I lent him the £10.
A really wierd thing happened on that hand though. The flop came T65 rainbow. I wasn’t calling for my 7 now. For some reason I was calling 4, 3! 4! 3! The turn is a 4. Now I need an 8, 3 or 7 to win the hand. The river was a 3. Really, really wierd. This is one of those occasions that you think you’re psychic.
Nobody at the table thought this was cool though and everyone was giving me evils.

Later in the tourney: About 15 people left. Top 7 paid. My stack is a bit above average at about 9k/10k.
There is only a BB in this hand because the SB got knocked out the hand before. The blinds are 500/1000 and I’m in the dealer button. It gets folded round to me. I have J9o. I’m thinking about making a steal, but instead decided to make a call. I thought this might show more strength and I could then outplay my opponent on the flop (although I heard people saying earlier that you can’t let this guy see a flop, because then he’s really strong).
Anyway, he checks. And the flop comes: KQT rainbow. I hit the straight and the 2nd strongest hand possible. AJ being the strongest. He checked and then I checked. The turn is a Ten. He checks and I bet 1000. He raises me to 2000. I decide to flat call. The river is a 2. He bets 3000. I move allin and it’s 3100 more for him to call. He thinks for a very long time and decides to fold! He shows a Ten. He folded trip 10s! The pot was 15100 and he only needed to put in 3100 to win it but he folded. What flipping incredible play. I had this guy down as a good player, but I didn’t think he was that good. He ended up making it into the money, finishing in 7th place. Only took £40, but if he had called my hand, he probably wouldn’t have finished ITM.
I didn’t show my hand. But at the end of the tournament I told them what my hand was. Nearly everyone at the table put me on J9, but I think this is the only guy at the table that would have folded it.

I get to the final table and was ITM. The blinds are really big now. Normally I play aggressively in this situation but this time I was really scared for some reason and I didn’t make any steals. This was partly because there were too many aggressive players at the table and also because I was scared of finishing 7th again. (I had made the final table twice before and had finished 7th twice. This happened because I was playing a bit too aggressively, maybe).

Near the end: blinds are at 1500/3000. I have 9000 chips.
I’m in the SB and post my blind of 3000 chips. I now have 6000 chips left. It gets folded to the player in the cutoff seat who goes allin (has me covered – about 15k). The player in the SB calls (has the player who made the raise covered). I have QTo and after a while of thinking I decided to fold.
I knew I was behind but the pot odds were great. I had to put in 6k to win a pot of 21k. If I won the hand I would have 27k and be the 2nd biggest stack. I decided to fold because the players in the hand were playing quite tight the hands before and I knew I was definitely behind. Also, I thought that there was a very high chance of one or both of my cards being held by one of the other players and they would have a better kicker. Also, I thought that the initial raiser may have had a big pair and then I’d be miles behind. Also, I had a chance of moving up the prize ladder if the player in the SB won the hand.
I folded and they showed KJo and 77 repsectively. The initial raiser won the hand and noone got knocked out. If I had known the players had these cards I definitely would have called. But I thought I was further behind. Like KQ and 77. If I would have been up against KQ and 77 I would have had a 22% chance of winning which is about the odds I needed to play. So it was a close call. Also, I had a chance to move up the prize fund if the SB won the hand.

I folded the next hand in the SB, because the short stack was allin (the button). He lost the hand and I did move up the money.

My M is now 1. 5-handed. It’s folded to me on the button. I go allin with K3s. I get called by BB who has 52o. He wins the hand with a flush and I’m out. I went home with £75. A profit of £40. Not bad.

I’ve now finished ITM 3 times out of the 6 rebuys I’ve played in my life (which have all been in The Club).

I’m off to Israel later this week for a month – so probs won’t be making anymore posts. Good night all.


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