Playing blind

I played in a cash game last night at a friends house. The buyin was £10 (no more, no less) and there were 6 people playing. I was playing quite tight like I usually do, because the other players on the table are mostly maniacs and just have no idea what a hand is.

Anyway, one hand I decided to play blind (but noone else knew I was playing blind). This is how it went:
Blinds are 20p/40p and I’m on the button.
The player in 1st position raised. The players in 2nd and 3rd position both call (this shows a bit of weakness since if they had anything a bit better than decent, then they would have reraised). Now the action is on me. I hear the player on BB saying that he is going to go in for value if there are no other raises. Anyway, I decide to reraise.
The blinds fold and the other 3 players call. The flop comes something like 479 rainbow (don’t remember exactly, but it was a 9 hi flop). The player in 1st position bets £1. A really weak continuation bet. The next two players call and I reraise £4 more. The player in 1st position realizes the power I’m showing and folds (he understands the game a bit and is an OK player). The player in 2nd pos. calls (he is a maniac/loose/aggressive player. He’s not very good, but he’s not a complete idiot). The player in 3rd position folds (this guy is completely braindead and I was very happy that he folded. He was the only guy that could call this with nearly anything, so it’s good he folded). The turn is another blank card that doesn’t help any straights (I put my opponent on some kind of str. draw here. Probably a gut shot). He checks and I raise £5. He calls. The river is again blank and I’m nearly certain that I’ve won the hand. As long as he doesn’t go allin I’m safe. I ask my opponent how many chips he has left and I’m about to put the chips in, but he folds before the action even gets to me.
I flip over my cards and show everyone my J7o. I had J hi. It would have been funny if I actually had a great hand, which always seems to be the case when I see other people going blind.

It was a great hand and the most enjoyable hand I had played all evening. I’ve never really played a hand like that before. I don’t think I could play a hand like that online, but in a live game where I know all the players quite well – I can definitely make this play.

This is poker at it’s best. Playing the table and not the cards. And also I won £20 profit in that hand. Probably the biggest hand of the night and I didn’t even get a call on the river.

After this hand, some of the players at the table started making big preflop raises blind, but they were all stating that they were going blind. Very different to my hand, because everyone gave me respect and put me on a big hand. When everyone knows your blind then they can put you on J hi.

Also, I was going to make this blind play eariler on when I was on the button. But I decided not to because a lot more strength was shown preflop.

Going away now. Bi

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