Great AA fold

Last night I played in the Monday night £10 rebuy at The Club.

I was doing alright. I got to the end of the rebuy with 4300 chips. I bought in £30 including an addon.

We’re onto the final 2 tables (started with 4 tables). And this hand happened:

I’m dealt AcAd in first position.The blinds are 100/200. The table is 8 handed. My chip stack is 4200 at the time.

Preflop: I decide to call. I was hoping someone behind me would raise. Also, I did it to mix up my game. Over 80% of the time I raise with AA, but this time I decided to flat call so players don’t know what I’m playing.
It gets folded to the button. Dealer and SB call. BB checks.

Flop: [1600 chips in the pot]. The flop comes 4s2h4h. SB and BB check. I bet 700. Dealer folds. SB flat calls. BB reraises allin, which is 3300 more for me.

The pot contains 1600+700+700+700+3300=7000. So my odds are slightly better than 2 to 1 and there is still a player left to act behind me.

I decided to fold. I was quite sure that BB had a 4. And I thought that SB might have a 2, a flush draw or an open-ended str. draw.

SB calls. SB shows AhKh. BB shows 4d3s. Great fold! Great reads!
SB hit his flush on the turn, but BB hit a 3 on the river for a full house. The hand couldn’t have gone any better! Perfect!

I showed everybody my cards after the hand. Everybody was really impressed.

A few hands later I made a steal with 32s and showed everybody. This was to show them that I’m not one of those really tight players that can be pushed around easily. I’m scared someone might do a mega bluff on me and get me to fold a premium hand and they’ll have nothing (since they know I can lay down my big hands).

I ended up getting knocked about 10 hands later. I raised with AJs in early position (blinds are getting bigger and I need to accumulate some chips quickly). The player behind me bet allin. I was getting 3 to 1 pot odds so I had to call. He flipped over QQ. He wins the hand and I’m out.

It’s a pity that after such a good laydown I have nothing to show for it (and I was also playing some nice poker in other hands). I did go home in a good mood though.

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