3rd in the £10 Rebuy

I came third tonight. There were about 30 or 40 players there. I bought in £50 plus a £10 addon.

I won £130. I should have won it and taken home £430.

This was the killer hand right at the end:

my QQ vs 66 allin preflop.
I have about 50k. My opponent had about 35k. And the third player who wasn’t in the hand had about £15k.

If I win this hand, and I’m an 81% favourite to do so – I probably win the tournament with 85k vs 15k and blinds at 1.5/3k.

I ended up loosing the hand to a river 6.

The next hand I went allin preflop with AQo vs 55 against the third player. I lost the hand and went out the tournament. Very annoying.

Earlier on the final table I lost a big portion of my stack on this hand:
I had KK on the button. It was folded to me. I raised 5k with the blinds at 0.8/1.6k. SB calls. BB folds.
Flop comes AT3 rainbow.
My opponent raises 5k. I go allin. He calls and shows AJ. I lost about 20k on that hand and was left with 10k. Bad mistake. I made this bad call because this other guy had taken a few pots off me before and I thought it could be a bluff. I probably should have folded.

One lucky hand in the rebuy:
Q66 flop. Allin 3 way. I have KK. Opponent 1 had A6. Opponent 2 has Qx. I river a K and win the hand. That’s what got me started and from there I didn’t look back for a long time.

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