Monday night rebuy

I bought in £80+£10 on Monday. Far too much. Next time I play I need to make sure that the maximum amount I buyin is £40+£10. I need to play much tighter. I need to play as if it isn’t a rebuy. I can’t go allin PF with a hand like J3s because I think I have good value because 5 other players have gone allin. I don’t have the bankroll to buyin £90 a week and I won’t make a profit in the long run.

I played really badly on Monday. This is how I ended up getting knocked out. These are my last 3 hands (in the freezeout period).

Hand 1: My stack is about 5400 chips – about average for my table. The table is 9 handed and blinds are at 150/300. There are between 30-40 players left in the tournament and top 8 get paid. A player in 3rd position limps in. Everyone else folds and it comes to me on the button. I call with K9s. SB calls. BB moves allin for about 4000 chips. Everyone folds and BB takes the hand.

Hand 2: My stack is now 5100. It gets folded to me in the cut-off seat. I raise to 800 with A4s. Button folds and SB moves allin for about 5000 chips (the same player as last hand). BB folds and then I fold.

Hand 3: My stack is now 4300 chips. It gets folded to me in 5th position. I raise to 800 with KQs. It gets folded to the SB (the player that moved allin in hands 1 and 2 also folded). The SB pushes me allin. BB folds. I think for a bit. I need to call 3500 with 5400 in the pot. Slightly better than 1.5 to 1 odds (I need 39.3% or better chance of winning the hand). I decided to call. The other player shows AKo and he knocks me out the tournament.

I decided to call because of the raising in the 2 hands before this and my stack was getting smaller and smaller every hand. I sort of went on tilt. I was hoping the player that moved me allin would AJ or AT. The range I put this player on was A9+ or 88+. But there was even a chance that this player could have even less, because of my table image. I had been quite aggressive and 5 hands previously I had made a big check-raise bluff. I didn’t show my cards for this hand, but the table had the impression that I had bluffed that hand and they were right.  Also, I’m a kid – 18 years old. The players might think they can push me about.

The cards weren’t shown in the first 2 hands, but he could have been bluffing on both of them. He may have had strong cards on both occasions but I think he bluffed at least one of them. This tilted me slightly for the next hand.

I did learn a lot from this experience though. Great aggressive play my opponents. I love the allin reraise move in the BB. I actually player it once in that tourney:

It’s folded to the button who raises to 2.5x BB. SB folds and I move allin on the BB with A6o. The player on the button folded his K8 – he was the big stack at the table btw. I had an M of about 6-8 at the time.

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