Monday night Rebuy

Last night I finished 14th in the Rebuy. I bought in once, plus an addon for a total of £20. Last nights MTT was massive. There were 67 runners and top 9 were paid.

Moe finished in the top 2. He split the money and took home £500. He had more chips than his opponent but they split it 50-50. He said he played aggressively but really well.

I didn’t do too well. At one point I had quite a nice stack but then when I pushed allin with AK against a raiser someone behind me called and I lost nearly my entire stack. I did build my way back up, but the blinds were getting just too big and I was pushing allin quite a lot. I didn’t get the double up I needed and was knocked out before I managed to reach the final table.

The players at my 1st table in the rebuy period were very tight. They were playing as if it were a freezeout and the player to my right folded TT PF even though he didn’t have a big stack – because he thought he was beaten. He was right – he would have been up against JJ and KK, but still – the whole table was playing very tight. I played quite aggressively compared to the rest of the players and built up a small stack. On my next table I doubled up with some more aggressive players.

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