Made £46 last night

I lost £60 in the rebuy tourney. Went out on the 2nd hand into the freezeout. I was in the BB with AJo and I end up going allin with the SB, who has ATo, preflop. I’m a 75% favourite but lose the hand and get knocked out.

In the rebuy period I played really badly. For example, I slow-played when I flopped an Ace with AKs in hand. I checked it to the river and then on the river I check raised allin against trip 9s. Played that hand so, so, so badly. I don’t know why I didn’t bet my AK on the flop. Stupid play.
I got bluffed once by a 42. Not that I had a good hand though. The guy said he could tell I was weak because I took too long to make my decision.

I made a real nice bluff one hand. I have AT and raise PF. 2 callers. Flop comes Q32 and I bet allin for 1000 with 1500 in the pot and I’m first to act. My 2 opponents fold. My opponent said he could tell I wasn’t bluffing because I wasn’t shaking and the other times I was bluffing I was shaking. Well, he was wrong. I didn’t show him my bluff though so he still doesn’t know.

Made a bad call with a middle pair against the guy that bluffed me 42. When he hit top pair on the river.

In the cash game, I was playing tight and not getting any hands or playing many. After a while my stack was on £20. I went allin with T8o against QQ and KTo PF and won the hand. My stack went to £87. Very bad play by me but I got lucky and hit a straight.

A few hands later I get AQo. Someone bets pot before me (a good loose/aggressive player). I repot. I get 2 callers and the flop comes A75 rainbow. Player in front of me bets allin. I call. Original raiser folds. He has AT and my AQ holds up to win. I leave shortly after that. I made a £45 profit that night.


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