From zero to hero

I’m on a massive up atm. I ran out of money online a couple of weeks ago and was to lazy to put money into my bank account. i scavenged around all my poker accounts finding all the pennies i had left over. I used them all up. Then I realized I had player points at pokerroom and holdempoker and i could use them to buy sng tickets.

i bought a few tickets and lost a few times. then i came 1st in a 5 man $5.5 sng and had $17.5 in my account (maybe i came 2nd and had $7.5, i don’t remember). i went down to about $6.5 and had it all on a 10 handed $25NL table. i left the table with about $30. from there i kept playing $25NL (the lowest stake tables at holdempoker) and built up my roll. i started playing multiple tables. i reached 4 quite quickly and then kept building my roll. i was winning every session of poker i was playing. sometimes only $1-$5 and sometimes $30+. i was happy making $3 in a 1 hour session.

i mostly played 10 handed, but occasionally i played 5 or 6 handed games. i was always playing cash games. a few times i played $50NL for a bit, but I didn’t do that much.

currently my roll is on $574.xx and I just finished a 1 hour session in which i won $100 playing 3 tables of $25NL and 1 table of $50NL. all the tables were 10 handed. i’m on a massive up at the moment.

how i am playing?

preflop i raise 4xbb + 1xbb for every limper when i have a hand worth raising. eg TT+ and AJ+. hands like AJ and AQ i might not raise with if there are a lot of limpers. especially if i’m in bad position.

i’m playing a lot more hands on the button and CO. if there aren’t many players in the hand i’ll raise hands like 77 in good position. i’ll try play hands with potential, like suited connectors, in good position if i think i can see a cheap flop.

postflop, i’ll make a cbet if i only have 1 opponent unless the flop is something like AKQs and i have a hand like 66. my cbets are between 1/3 and 2/3 of the pot. i’ll cbet with 3 players in the hand too. but maybe not if i’m in a bad position or if it’s quite a dangerous flop.

with 4 players i won’t really try and steal the pot. maybe if i’m on the button and i think everybody is weak. with 5 players or more i definitely will not try to steal the pot.

hands like J7 in the BB with a J hi flop mean very little to me. especially with lots of players in the hand.

i’m always playing my hands aggressively and i will never give somebody a free draw (or at least try not to). i will only slowplay the very best hands where it is very unlikely someone has something. eg. if the flop is KKK and i have Kx. i can’t really bet. i need to hope somebody catches up. on the turn i probably will bet because i want to build the pot and they might have hit the turn or have pockets. a hand like K55 with pocket kings i might also check/call the flop, but i’ll be betting the turn. anything less than a fullhouse and slowplaying. even with boats i might bet.

i hope to play small pots where i’m don’t have a hand i can be confident with. i might check a turn to try and keep a pot small with a hand like TPTK when i think someone may have me beaten (ie. if he might have hit his flush on the turn i might check, i might not either).

with big hands i definitely do not want to win $2 pots on the river. i just had AA and the flop came AQxr. i was on the button and my 2 opponents checked and i bet. i knew they would probably fold since i had nearly all the aces and nobody bet. but i didn’t want to get outdrawn and i wanted to build the pot. no point in checking the flop and turn and then winning a $5 pot on the river.

the way i’m making my money is basically just taking money off fish and staying even or slightly up against the better players. but there aren’t many good players around at these stakes.

i’m going to start playing $50NL when i reach a $1000 br. if i drop below $850/$900 i’ll start playing $25NL again. i’ll be playing $100NL when i reach $2000.

don’t play above your stakes. don’t slowplay. position is good. lose small pots and win big pots. cbets and steals are good but not against a lot of opponents. when everybody folds to your AA pf it’s fine. when you make $2 from a set don’t worry – just don’t slowplay.

btw, i rarely play trouble hands like QT-KJ. if i do they will be drawing hands. when i hit TP i won’t be happy with it. especially with a lot of players in the pot.



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7 responses to “From zero to hero

  1. holey crap i just came across your blog but wow… no idea wat any of it means
    have a good one

  2. yes! i have a comment!
    my 1st comment!

    sorry if you don’t understand any of the stuff i wrote. i write it for my own benefit really and not other people’s.

    this is what some of the stuff means:
    bb – big blind
    tp – top pair
    qt-kj means a hand range of queen-ten to king-jack

    if you’re interested in poker visit and you can find out what it all means. it’s a good site. i visit it myself a lot

  3. Benoso

    Nice blog, I think we’re quite similar, same age, same country of residence, and sameish bankrolls, I’ve seen you post on FTR a couple of times, that’s how I found this.

    Gl anyway.

  4. Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  5. pokerwatcher

    speaking of heros …
    It seems amateurish to see “professional” players wearing sunglasses and hoods and disguises in order to hide their eyes and avoid a tell. I would think “professionals” would have mastered control of their demeanor so that they could demonstrate their “professional” ability without props. It’s a bit like a professional sports player taking steroids or wearing springs in their basketball shoes or gadgets to improve performance.

    • KcRe

      Personally I’m fine with it. It’s part of the game. It’s like wear buying the best football boots or having the best tennis racket. You do what you have to do to win that’s within the rules of the game. And to tell you the truth, I’m skeptical how much wearing glasses helps a player. There’s a lot more to poker than just tells. Reading other player’s hands is mostly about betting patterns IMHO.

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