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Up and down, up and down….

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while. I’m currently doing very well. I’m playing at towergaming (a pokerroom skin) atm trying to clear a $300 bonus.

In live play I’ve won the last few times I’ve played. A month ago I won over £300 playing at Colindale. The play there was incredibly loose.
The first hand I played I got dealt AQo. There was a straddle by my friend. I bet pot UTG. Everybody folded expect for my friend and the BB (blinds were £1/£1 PL). Flop comes Qxx. Checked to me. I bet pot and take down the hand. Now I’m on about £70-80. I bought in for £50.
I carried on playing for a while. The blinds changed to £1/£2 (still PL). I got dealt JJ. I repotted someone pf. We have a 5 handed flop. I have a small amount left and the flop comes JcTcxo. I go allin. All my opponents call. Now there is about £350 in the pot. Turn is xc. A player wearing a black kippa from Tel Aviv bets pot. Everybody folds. He has AcTo. He doesn’t draw out on me and I win the hand. He was the only Jew there. A lot of Indians played there and the play was incredibly loose.
Somebody took down a £350 pot with 8 high and it went to showdown. lol.

Online I was also doing well. I was grinding it out at $50NL and making nice profits. I got my BR to $1700 and then took a shot at $100NL. I got to $1880 playing well. Later in the day I continued to play 10 handed $100NL and lost $280. My BR was now on $1600. In the next few days I went on quite a tilt and my BR ran all the way down to $1200. I cashed out $500 at PR so that I didn’t loose my entire online BR.

I then cashed joined Tower Gaming who have very nice bonus offers. I took the 300% for a $100 deposit bonus. I need 3000 player points to earn the $300 within 30 days. I’m 1 week into the offer atm and have earnt approx. 850 pts.

Anyway, I started off badly at Tower Gaming. Within a few days I lost my initial $300 deposit. I then deposited another $200. Again I did quite badly and was down to about $20. I went allin with A7o pf against TT at a 5 handed $100NL table. I won the hand! I now had $45 at TG.

Now I started playing a bit better and grinded my way up to $80 by the end of the session.

I went on my PR account which had about $750 left on it. I started playing 5 handed $400NL looking for tables with short stacked players (eg. tables where players had $220 or $80 stacks and were clearly noobs that have a BR to play $10NL). You see players cashing in for $238.30 and I’m 95% sure it is their entire BR. I really shouldn’t be playing $400 but I did and I won $200-$300 doing so.
I then joined another $400NL table with somebody from Cambridge on it. He bought in for the full $400. I started talking to him and he told me he was at Cambridge University and he was studying Maths. I told him I was still at school and he remarked that playing at quite high stakes for a school boy. I listened to his advice and started playing $50 or $100NL again. [The guy from Cambridge SN is something like “Oojes” – it says he’s from Cambridge on PR].

After this my play started to really get better and I’ve turned my $80 at TG into approx. $660 atm in quite a short space of time but playing quite well. I did have some good luck for sure. But I was playing quite decent poker. If my luck had gone the other way though I would still be on $80 or even bust. You always need luck at poker not matter how good you play.

Anyway, what I’ve learnt in the past few weeks:
I can get way too aggressive. 3 betting opponents way too often. Raising way too often in LP. I need to calm down a bit. At the $100NL tables it just doesn’t work. You can’t run over players like you can sometimes do at the $50NL tables. The play at $100NL is much more aggressive and everybody wants to be a hero.
Also, don’t play too many MTTs and SnGs and heads up SnGs. I’m not great at them and out of practice and online I might even be a losing player at these low stake games.
Offline I have been having good success in tournament play. I’m playing really aggressively and running over some tables. I made it to the final table of last weeks Monday night rebuy at 77. I got lucky when I was 1 or 2 players away from the final table when I was allin with J4o against AKs. But apart from that I played quite well.
On the final table the blinds were huge and I was playing as good as anyone. But my 99 ran into A9 and AA in a hand and I lost shortly afterwards. There was nothing I could do. I was chip leader and I had an M of 5. 99 is a great hand in that spot. I finished 6th and was unlucky not to finish higher after my final table performance. Some players were making ridiculous folds when they were getting massive odds to play.


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Gave £120 to charity on Purim

Still have to give another £380 to charity. Hopefully I’ll do this within the next year.
My luck has been good since I gave the charity. 😉

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From $25 to $50

This post happened a few weeks ago.

I started doing badly at $25 and was down from $650 to just over $200.
I got frustrated and started playing 5 handed $200NL. I was doing okay. I had one big hand:
I raise to $8 on the button. SB calls. BB raises to $19. I call. SB folds. Flop comes 389. BB bets $35. I raise to $90. BB moves allin. I call. I have 83o. BB has AA. My 2p hold up and I win the hand. We both had over 100bb pf. I won about $450 in that pot and left the table shortly after.
My BTN raise pf was loose. But BB made a mistake by making it so cheap for me to play and lost a big pot because of it.

I then started playing 5 handed $400NL looking for tables with short stacks on them (that I assumed were noobs bankrolled for $15NL $25NL at best and had put there entire in a high stakes game. A bit similar to me.) There are a lot of these short stacks playing $400NL and it seems there is quite a lot of easy money around. I still shouldn’t have played but I did. I ended up getting my BR to $1050 after playing on a few tables and doing a hit and run when I made a nice profit.

At $50NL 10 handed I was playing very well and got my BR to $1700. I hda my ups and downs but when I stuck to $50NL I was doing well. I lost bits of it at $100NL and playing far too aggressively. Then disaster struck. This is mentioned in the next post. But I lost $500 or so after I tilted. And I had wasted hours of good play.

Playing at $400NL seems to get me back on track and play a solid game. It’s not a good idea playing at these high stakes but it does get me back on track.

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