From $25 to $50

This post happened a few weeks ago.

I started doing badly at $25 and was down from $650 to just over $200.
I got frustrated and started playing 5 handed $200NL. I was doing okay. I had one big hand:
I raise to $8 on the button. SB calls. BB raises to $19. I call. SB folds. Flop comes 389. BB bets $35. I raise to $90. BB moves allin. I call. I have 83o. BB has AA. My 2p hold up and I win the hand. We both had over 100bb pf. I won about $450 in that pot and left the table shortly after.
My BTN raise pf was loose. But BB made a mistake by making it so cheap for me to play and lost a big pot because of it.

I then started playing 5 handed $400NL looking for tables with short stacks on them (that I assumed were noobs bankrolled for $15NL $25NL at best and had put there entire in a high stakes game. A bit similar to me.) There are a lot of these short stacks playing $400NL and it seems there is quite a lot of easy money around. I still shouldn’t have played but I did. I ended up getting my BR to $1050 after playing on a few tables and doing a hit and run when I made a nice profit.

At $50NL 10 handed I was playing very well and got my BR to $1700. I hda my ups and downs but when I stuck to $50NL I was doing well. I lost bits of it at $100NL and playing far too aggressively. Then disaster struck. This is mentioned in the next post. But I lost $500 or so after I tilted. And I had wasted hours of good play.

Playing at $400NL seems to get me back on track and play a solid game. It’s not a good idea playing at these high stakes but it does get me back on track.


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