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Some hand histories from my last session

Hand 1:
Not much to say about this hand. I made quite a big raise preflop, but I still get 2 callers with bad cards. I didn’t realize that some of the players at these were so loose and were so willing to put in big amounts of money with weak hands. I’ll remember this on future occasions though and size my bets appropriately.

Texas Hold’em $4-$4 NL (Real Money)

Seat 4: McFlab1 ($627.95 in chips)
Seat 5: alma5 ($363.20 in chips)
Seat 8: bate_nasko ($392.20 in chips)
Seat 9: Hero ($631 in chips)
Seat 10: LowSuited ($275 in chips)

Hero posts blind ($2), LowSuited posts blind ($4).

Hero is dealt: [ AC,KC ]

McFlab1 bets $10, alma5 calls $10, bate_nasko calls $10, Hero bets $58, LowSuited folds, McFlab1 calls $50, alma5 folds, bate_nasko calls $50.

FLOP [board cards 7S,6D,JH ]
Hero checks, McFlab1 checks, bate_nasko checks.

TURN [board cards 7S,6D,JH,2H ]
Hero checks, McFlab1 bets $50, bate_nasko calls $50, Hero folds.

RIVER [board cards 7S,6D,JH,2H,9S ]
McFlab1 bets $25, bate_nasko bets $282.20 and is all-in, McFlab1 calls $257.20.

bate_nasko shows [ 8H,10H ]
McFlab1 shows [ QS,JC ]
bate_nasko wins $855.40.

Dealer: bate_nasko
Pot: $858.40, (including rake: $3)
McFlab1, loses $392.20
alma5, loses $10
bate_nasko, bets $392.20, collects $855.40, net $463.20
Hero, loses $60
LowSuited, loses $4

Hand 2:
This hand is all about the river. Call or fold? I put him on a flush. I only have a set. I fold. He’s bet as first to act out of 4 players. He has to have quite a decent hand unless he’s a complete donk. 2 pair is unlikely to bet pot on the river when the flush hit, but it is possible. I fold, I didn’t think my hand was good against his range even though I didn’t have any reads. Maybe the fold was a bit tight.

Texas Hold’em $4-$4 NL (Real Money)

Seat 1: Hero ($493 in chips)
Seat 2: McSillyPants ($500.30 in chips)
Seat 3: agassi111 ($396 in chips)
Seat 6: nikolasy ($229.10 in chips)
Seat 10: bloek ($597 in chips)

agassi111 posts blind ($2), nikolasy posts blind ($4).

Hero is dealt: [ 3C,3H ]

bloek bets $12, Hero calls $12, McSillyPants calls $12, agassi111 folds, nikolasy calls $8.

FLOP [board cards QD,9D,KS ]
nikolasy checks, bloek checks, Hero checks, McSillyPants checks.

TURN [board cards QD,9D,KS,6H ]
nikolasy checks, bloek checks, Hero checks, McSillyPants checks.

RIVER [board cards QD,9D,KS,6H,3D ]
nikolasy bets $50, bloek folds, Hero folds, McSillyPants folds.

nikolasy wins $97.50.

Dealer: McSillyPants
Pot: $100, (including rake: $2.50)
Hero, loses $12
McSillyPants, loses $12
agassi111, loses $2
nikolasy, bets $62, collects $97.50, net $35.50
bloek, loses $12


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Won $498 at $400NL

I 3 tabled $400NL just now for 30 minutes. Played quite well and realized that there are some really loose players playing. There are players willing to put in 15bb preflop with hands like QJo and T8s. And we’re only playing with 100bb stacks.

It was a good session overall. But my AK just seem to hit. I always 3bet AK preflop, but I’m seeing the flop with massive pots and there are 3 or 4 players in the hand. And I’m not betting to small. I’m betting at least pot and I’m getting ridiculous calls by players. Yesterday I got a call from 64s. Today I got calls from T8s and QJo as mentioned above. Some really crazy play going on at the Ongame network. I didn’t see this level of bad play at $200NL. It’s strange. I’m surprised these players can afford to buy in full and haven’t busted yet.

I’ve got a few hand histories. I’ll post them later. Going to watch the apprentice now.

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Just won $147 in a 30 min $200NL session

I played one hand really badly and got stacked by AKs with Q9s. He 3bets me pf from blinds. I call from LP. Flop is 976 or something similar. He bets. I call. Turn is a K. He bets. I call. River is a 2. He bets allin. I call. I played sooo bad that hand. Don’t play poker like that. The worst part of the hand is the river. It was an easy, easy fold. And I shouldn’t have called the pf 3bet either. The reason I did play so loose was because the hand before he played quite loose when he turn TP with AQ on a dangerous board and got all his money in the pot by the end. I threw away $200 in this hand. It was awful.

I doubled up twice after this though at 2 different tables to turn a profit for the session. I always seem to start the session off badly and then winning it all back with more. For example, in this session I was down $300+ at one point and I finished with a nice profit.

I’m running very well atm and haven’t had a losing session in a long time. I know this won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does. There will be a massive downswing at one point. It’s inevitable. I just hope I’m ready for it and don’t lose too much of my hard earned cash.

One hand where I doubled up I had TT vs 64o. Flop is 64T. He checkraises me and leads turn. I push turn and he calls. Nothing he could do about it, except for fold his 64o preflop!

One hand I think I played nicely. I’m in BB and call a pf raise with AcQc. Flop is As7s8c. Villain bets. I call. Turn is Tc. I check. Villain bets again. I checkraise allin (full stacks). Villain folds.

Going to the library now. Laters


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Only 8 tables of $400NL 5-max!

There are only eight 5-max tables and one 6-max table. I’m going to be playing $200NL since I cba to wait for seats to open up. This is on the PokerRoom network btw.

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Won $33 in a short $400NL, 3 table session, last night

I’ve had a shot at $400NL before and done well a few times and badly a few. I’m about to start another short session. Hopefully, it goes well.

I saw Microsoft Surface today. It looks super cool and super futuristic. It would be call to play online poker on your living room table. You could probably play about 20 tables at once on it.

$400NL seems really aggressive and I think one could win by just playing standard TAG. More later…

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Reached $10k bank roll!

I just finished a session of 1hr15mins at TowerGaming. I was 4 tabling 5-max $200NL. I won $613 and played quite well all round. I also received 175 more player points, bringing me closer to releasing my $200 bonus.

Played quite well for the most part. Had a few quite creative and interesting hands. Here are a few of them:
I’m new to the table. I’ve seen my opponent play a few times before and I don’t remember him to be a fish, so I assumed he was a decent player.
On the flop, he leads into me. This makes me think he isn’t too sure about his hand or is betting a draw. I put him on Ax at this point. I call and will decide what to do on later streets.
He checks the turn. This is weak to me, so I bet. I put him on a hand like AJ-A9 here and I bet knowing that I am behind and trying to make him fold. I am not betting my hand for value.
The river pairs the board. I stay with my read on him and still think I can make him fold, so I bet again. He has AQ and calls. Maybe, I shouldn’t have bet the turn and river, but I felt my bet was good against his range. I felt he would have 3bet AK preflop. I thought he could fold AQ-A9 in this spot.
This hand is a bit dodgy. I’m not sure if my river call is good here or not. I thought I’d call because I thought he might have a busted draw or he felt like I was stealing too much against him. My river check is weak and it screams: “I don’t have the 9”. So if he pushes he has a chance of folding any hand I might have. A lot of the time he does have a 9 though because of the flop and turn betting. I felt I should call. I did and won the hand. I’m not sure if I should have called the river bet though. Even with the 3-to-1 pot odds. I think I’m ahead less than 25% of the time here.
The main reason I called though was because I felt he might have been getting a bit fed up with me.
There are actually a lot of busted draws here and I just realized that he could also have had 5, 6 for a straight. Because of the speed of his flop and turn calls I was quite sure he didn’t have a 5, 6 though. But he definitely could have had a 9.
Another interesting hand.
Yesterday I posted about a similar hand where I had 44 and somebody limpraised. I probably shouldn’t have called in that hand because my implied odds were not good enough.
In this hand I’m not sure if a call preflop is good either. I could win approximately 12 times my $18 investment if I stacked him. But he doesn’t have to have AA in this spot. His range is quite a lot wider here and if I were the player 3-betting then calling with 88 would be -EV if you plan to give up on any flop that you don’t hit a set on. I called anyway, he did have AA and I stacked him. Standard after the flop. I min checkraised the flop to possibly get a reraise bluff by a hand like AK. I felt AA-TT would probably stack off here however much I raised.
This is probably the best hand of the session.
I put my opponent on a J with a big kicker. I was representing 2 pair or better. I was playing back at this guy quite a lot, but I felt he would lay down AJ here.
One thing I did very well in this hand was sizing my turn raise. I made a bet small enough for me to push him off his hand on the river, but still a scary bet. A bet that might look like I’m trying to extract value from my set.
A lot of the time in spots like these I donk off a stack, but this time it worked so I’m happy about it.
Last hand I’m going to post. Missed out a few nice hands that I would have liked to included. But these posts just take far too long. So far I’ve spent an hour on this post. In that time I could have won another $600!
I have QQ in this hand.
I think I made a good laydown. Villain is a regular and I know he’s not a fish. His range here is TT-AA and AKo/s at most. More likely his range is just AA and KK and maybe 25% of the time he has 1 of the other hands. Simple fold at the end of the day IMO. Pity I didn’t find out the result.

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Just won $43 at TowerGaming. 2hr session.

I just played at Tower Gaming. Haven’t played there in a few weeks. I played for close to 2 hours and won $43. I 4 tabled 5-max $200NL.

I received a $200 reload bonus from Tower too. I need to get 1200 points to release it, so far I’ve earned 207 points. I’ve got a month to get the points. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it since I have exams that finish in exactly a month. If I have a 2hr session a week I might make it though.

I played very well in the session. I don’t remember making any mistakes. I was playing really well. Went down about $250 quite early, but grind it all back. Winning lots of medium sized pots against short-stacked donks. I had quite a lot of hand histories to post, but I’ll just post the best ones. Here they are:
I have AsTs in this hand.
The river call is questionable. But I see a lot of OOP floating on TG, so I felt I had to call. I’m getting good odds and it’s hard to put him on a hand that beats me. No draw has completed (unless he was going for an unlikely gut shot). He could have JT. He could have an unlikely overpair. A lot of the time I feel he is bluffing in this spot. He could have a hand like 88 and be making a weird blocking bet. He could also have Jx, but then why would he call my flop bet?
What ever he says, he played the hand strange/badly. I’m getting better than 2.5 to 1 to call, so can’t really fold here.
I think played the flop and turn fine. I didn’t bet the turn because I felt he had connected in some way. I thought he might have had a low set, just because of the amount of time he spent thinking on the flop and turn. I thought it would be better to take the free card and I didn’t want to be checkraised on that turn, because I’m always behind in that spot. Checking the turn also gives me some deception. Usually I will bet that turn, but I didn’t this time just because I had a read.
I have AcKc in this hand.
This is my worst hand of the session. I think this is the only hand I played badly all night.
Preflop I’m fine with. I’m putting in more money with the best hand. I have position after the flop too.
Postflop I think played badly. The only hands I think he would fold on that flop are hands that I beat. I think he folds AK and AQ on that flop, but plays all the other hands in his range. It was a bit of a silly bet by me. I should have just taken the free card and tried to check the hand down.
The reason I bet is because a lot of the times players at TG at these stakes play loose in the blinds and I thought he might possibly have a hand like A9 that he would fold. It wasn’t the worst bet ever and I could have gotten a free card on the turn with it.
The turn is an easy fold. I can’t push since he has so little left to call and he has connected in some way with the board. I think he may have hit a flush. Maybe, he had Axs, where x is a biggish card.
I have AKo in this hand.
I didn’t 3-bet this hand preflop, because the timer was running out of time and I didn’t want to be autofolded, so I just called. Usually I will raise here preflop.
On the flop I played it pretty standard. I’m hoping he has AQ or AJ and donks his stack off to me. Usually I have 55 (for a set) in this spot. If he calls the flop I push the turn.
I have 44 in this hand.
In this hand I am very sure he has a monster. Probably KK and AA. I put those 2 hands as 80% of his range. I felt that if I flopped a set I stack him nearly every time. I flop a set about 12% of the time. When I call the $23 I need to I win approx. $190 for the call to be break even if I stack him 100% of the time. The most I can win if I call and the 3rd player folds is $190, so really I should fold, since I don’t stack him 100% of the time. If we include the fact that the 3rd player might call then it might be profitable to call. And it is highly unlikely that he raises in this situation. I think I probably should have folded here – but it isn’t the worst call ever. If a 4 doesn’t flop I don’t lose anymore money. One thing I forget to mention is sometimes we both flop a set and I get stacked. Reconsidering I think I should have folded.

Overall, I played extremely well this session. Nearly always putting in the money when I’m ahead and putting in very little when behind. I feel like I made very mistakes this session.

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