I’ve signed up to a few affiliate sites to hopefully start making some money from this blog.

I haven’t posted on here in a while. I always seem to go on a downswing after I post on this blog.

I’m on a massive up at the moment having won over $4k since Pesach (about 7 weeks ago). I’ve stopped playing poker for 6 weeks till my exams finish. I cashed out all my money so that I don’t play.

I’ve gone a day without playing so far. I feel so empty and I don’t know what to do with my time. At least it means I can get more revision done.

I’m playing $200NL atm with a bankroll of $8.5k. When I reach $10k I’ll start playing $400NL. I took a few shots at $400NL recently and it didn’t go well. I took some shots at $400NL when I had a $2k bankroll and had good results, but when I’ve recently taken shots I always play on tilt for some reason. I try to bluff everybody off every hand. I play nervous at $400NL. The same thing happened when I went from $25 to $50NL a few months ago. I should just try playing tight to start off with and not getting into big pots. When I get more familiar with the game I can start bluffing.

One thing that has helped my game loads is watching the CardRunners videos. They are incredible and have helped my game so much. Taylor Caby is a legend.

After my exams I might sign up to CardRunners. I really want to see the sbrugby (Brian Townsend) video’s. He is a legend.

Also, High Stakes Poker season 3 episodes 12 and 13 are the two greatest episodes of poker on TV. Amazing. Phil Ivey looks average in the game.

Got my driving test next week. I hope I pass.

Good luck at the tables


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