Just played some live heads up

Played a friend heads-up for the last 2 hours and won £30. We played 6 heads up tournaments – £5 at stake on each one. I won all 6.
I’m not great at heads up, but he was much worse. I bad beat him the first time we played, but I tore him apart on the other 5.
We played Omaha 1 out of the 6 matches which I won the first hand with my AoJh8h4o winning against his 9c6c5o3c. Board was Kc8s8h9h4d. I bet all 3 streets and he calls my allin on the river with this comment: “Can we have a practice round 1st?” lol. I said, “no”.

I won £18 on Tottenham Hotspurs (spurs) win at Manchester City (man city) today. I wagered £35.

So, all in all it’s been a good day for the me. And it was the 1st time I played poker in 6 days now.


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