Data mining Party Poker

I started data-mining PartyPoker yesterday.

I have 12 tables open. I’m mining the 6-max $200NL tables.

Average no. of hands per table per hour is 100. That’s 1200 hands being downloaded to my computer per hour. I’m leaving my computer on 24/7 for the next 5 weeks. That’s a total of 1 million hands being saved to my computer over the entire period. The system won’t be 100% efficient, but hopefully I will have mined over 500k hands over the next few weeks.

I will then import all the hands into PokerTracker to organize and analyze the hands.

Why am I doing this?
When I start playing at Party in a few weeks time, I will have stats on all the regulars and a lot of other “occasional” players.
I will be able to see how much players have won or lost. If there is a table with 5 players all with a profit over 1000 hands+, I’m definitely not going to play with them. If I see a table with 5 players having big losses over a large sample of hands, then I’m going to sit down immediately.
It will help to find the fish and stay away from the sharks.
I will be able to see how loose/tight and aggressive/passive a player is without ever having played a hand with them.

With all this extra information my profits should increase by quite a bit.

PS – the program I’m using to mine is FreePHG.


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2 responses to “Data mining Party Poker

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  2. It is a pity that most poker rooms do not allow data mining. If you have a big data base it gives you an advantage over your opponents.

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