Crazy, crazy meta game at 2p2

Two plus two is a great poker resource. Takes time to get used to, but inside is some great content. The 2 plus 2 forums are home to the greatest poker minds in the world.

This link really impressed me:
Crazy Meta-Game play….not for the faint of heart

Riverboatking pushes allin with A4s as a 5bet and villain folds pocket kings. Absolutely mad. The level these guys are on is insane. Just too good.

I have posted some delicious links in the side bar to some of the best posts I have read so far at 2p2. I’ve only been reading posts at 2p2 for a day or so and I’m just so impressed with the standard of play/comments. I will definitely become a more active part of the 2p2 in the future.


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