Just played for the 1st time in a few weeks

I had a 2hr session at Party. I used PT for the 1st time. I also downloaded GameTime+, which shows players stats from PT on the table.

I lost $249 and played quite badly overall. I would have been about evens, but the last hand I went allin with AKo against TT and lost $245. My opponent played a bit crazy in that hand and I think he should have folded to my massive pf 4bet.

The play at Party is different to PokerRoom. I can’t put my finger on it yet, but the games are different. For example, I was happy 4betting AKo at Party but at PokerRoom I would usually just call a 3bet. Players seem to 3bet and 4bet a lot more at Party.

You do not see a lot of players going allin pf with TT with full stacks. But at Party it seems to be normal. Maybe it was because I had a maniac loose image.

Also, players fold a lot more pf. I’m betting pot a lot pf and I’m getting loads and loads of folds. Even with my loose image they’re still folding every single time.

I started off the session really badly dropping approx. $450. I then started to get into things a bit and started winning it back. I would have been break even apart from the last hand.

I wasn’t getting the hands today, but I was definitely playing badly at the start. I seemed to never hit a set and I wasn’t dealt AA once. Although I was dealt AK 10 times in the session! I played 472 hands. Towards the end it felt like I was getting AK every single time!

I’ll try posting some hands later.

My stats for the session were VP$IP: 31.36% and PFR: 25.00%

I think that’s higher than how I usually play – I was a bit crazy today. Hopefully things will go better in the future.


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