The best lay down I ever made…

I’ve made a few good lay downs in my time, but I think the best has to be the time I folded AA on a 442 flop. It wasn’t just the cards. It was the confidence I laid down the hand with and the odds I was getting to call.

Looking back at it now it seems quite an easy lay down, but it was towards the start of my poker life and to this day I still remember it as the best fold I’ve ever made.

The hand happened during the freeze-out stage of a live £10 rebuy tournament and goes as follows:

There are about 30 people left in the tournament.
I’m dealt pocket aces and am UTG (under the gun). I decide to limp. I very rarely limp AA, but I was UTG and I was hoping someone behind me would raise so that I could limpraise.
I had 4200 chips. The table is 8 handed.
The button calls, the SB completes and the BB checks.

The flop comes 4h4o2h. SB and BB check. I bet 700 into a pot of 800. The button folds. SB calls. BB raises allin and has me covered. It’s 3300 for me to call. I think for a second and then fold very confidently, knowing that I had made the correct decision.

I hadn’t played with the BB a lot, but earlier I heard someone say that he was quite a tight player. Also, in previous hands he was playing quite tight and conservatively so taking everything into account I fold.

The SB calls. SB shows AhKh and the BB shows 43o. The turn brings a flush and the river brings a 3 giving the BB a boat (full house).

Shortly afterwards I busted out of the tournament with my AJ all in against QQ preflop. I was short though and had a low M so it was fine.

What’s the best laydown you’ve ever made. Post in the comments.

I’ve also made a few bad laydowns in my time. I’ll save that for my next post though.

Good luck at the tables.



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2 responses to “The best lay down I ever made…

  1. jcap1p

    I once laid down QQ in a cash game for the second raise and I was right when the guy showed AA. I had played with this guy quite a bit though.

  2. I’ve laid down QQ a few times preflop. I have laid it down wrongly once but I’ve made good lay downs maybe 4 or 5 times.
    I’ve never laid down KK preflop. There was one time I wanted to lay it down and my opponent had AA – but I didn’t have the courage to fold. There have been no other situations where I’ve wanted to fold KK preflop.

    QQ is a pretty standard if the action goes as follows:
    I open-raise to 3.5xBB. A player behind me raises to 10xBB and a player behind him raises to 30xBB. (Playing with 100BB stacks). This situation happened recently to me and I was very happy to lay it down. Both players played tight/solid games.
    I don’t know what the player had, but I made a good fold IMHO.

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