Played for 1 hour last night and made $875!

That must be the best session I’ve ever had. The only time I’ve ever won more in a day was a 2 hour session where I won $1000.

I was playing at Party and PokerTracker was saving all my stats but I didn’t use GameTime+. The poker I was playing on has now crashed and will not start up. I cashed my money and I’m not going to be playing for the next month due to exams.

I played a good game yesterday and didn’t really make any big mistakes. The biggest mistakes I felt I made were where I didn’t get enough value from my hand.

The biggest hand of the session was JJ vs AA where my opponent with AA just limp-called out of position (OOP). I raised behind and we saw a flop heads-up. Earlier in the session he had done exactly the same thing with KK. I don’t have the hand history on this computer, but I’ll give a quick summary of the hand.

6 handed. $1/$2. Effective stacks of $275. Villain is a bad player. He open-limped. I raised to $9. HU flop. Flop is something like 8c7o3c. He checks. I bet $18 into a pot of $20. He min check-raises to $36. I’m very happy at this point and think that he probably has a hand like top pair (maybe A8). The turn is a jack – a great card for me. He bets $20 into a pot of $90. I raise to $70. He calls. River is a 7c and I brings a possible flush – an excellent card for me, since I have a full house. He checks. I bet $115 into a pot of $230. He calls. I win the hand. He had $45 left in his stack.

This is the hand I was annoyed about not getting enough value. I definitely should have stacked him. I should have made a bigger raise on the turn. As played I think my river bet is okay, since I put him on 8x and I felt that he was probably enough of a fish to call with 8x to a half pot bet, but I thought he might fold if I moved allin. I also felt that if he had an unlikely 7 or flush he might push anyway. I definitely should raised more on the turn. I should have raised to $85 or more and then I could have pushed the river and he would have been committed. I played the turn poorly.

One thing that I am annoyed about the hand is that I definitely lucked out on him. If the turn wasn’t a jack or a scare-card (an overcard or a card that completed a draw) I probably would still have put the same amount of money into the pot with my JJ and I would have lost the hand. I didn’t put him on AA even though I had a note that he had played KK very passively earlier against me. And I had him down as a fish do I was willing to commit a lot of chips with my overpair since I felt I could get a lot of value from his more likely top pair hands.

I played 1400 hands over approx. a 5 hour period on Friday and Saturday and I made a total profit of $1100. That’s 19.6BB/100 hands and 55BB/hour. Not bad at all. I definitely can’t keep this winrate up, but it’s still very nice – especially since I started playing extremely badly at Party and lost $450 within my first 45 minutes of play.

I don’t think I’ll be data mining any more hands. I might continue when I move up to higher stakes. ATM, I feel I play worse with all these stats on the screen. I need to get used to them.

My bankroll is currently at approx. $9500. Soon, I’ll be at $10k and can start playing $400NL. I think I’ll probably wait till I reach a bankroll of $11200 and commit $1200 completely to $400NL. If I loose it I’ll move back down to $200NL and try again when I reach $11200.

Party is an extremely fishy site. I definitely recommend playing there.

Good Luck


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  1. fantasybowl

    That’s a great win/rate. I can no longer play at the fishy games at Party due to my inability to make a deposit. I had a rush last year on Party where I picked up 8400 in 4 days of play and approximately, 20 hours. It was actually less time than that but didn’t want to sound crazy. Keep it up!

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