The worst lay down I ever made…

A few days I posted the best lay down I ever made. Today I’m posting my worst ever lay down.

It’s a live home cash game. The game is short handed. 3 players see the flop. Both my opponents are loose fish. One knows who to play a bit and is very aggro with his good hands and will also bluff here and there and make loose calls. The other is just an all-round fish. He knows every fish trick in the book – he’s just a bad player. lol.

The flop is AK6. The turn is a 6. I have 6x. For some reason I check this turn (I should definitely have bet it though). The river is a K. The bad fish makes a £7 bet or so, which is quite a substantial bet – probably around pot-sized. I think for like a second and fold quite confidently. The aggro fish folds too. My opponent had A9. My friends thought I was mad for folding. I should have known to never give a player like that enough respect to fold a full house to him.

The reason I folded is because I saw how desperately my opponent wanted a call. He was dieing for a call. And his betting pattern made sense that he should have a full house of KKK66. I was “sure” he had it. I was wrong.

My friend made a bet that a worse hand definitely folds to, but all better hands will call (or at least he would have thought any better hand would call). I shouldn’t have given him credit for thinking even this deep, but I really didn’t think he would desperately want a call with his hand. I mean, how good is A9 on a board with 2 pairs down? He even admitted after the hand that he was dieing for a call. He thought he had played his hand so cleverly by slow-playing his top pair weak, mediocre kicker.

I just couldn’t understand that and I will never fold a hand to him again. This player has played quite a lot, but he obviously hasn’t learnt a thing in that time.

I actually don’t think it was such a bad fold. I had a read with it and I went with it. You win some, you lose some.

Post in the comments any bad laydowns you’ve made in the past that you’ve regretted.


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