Reached $10k bank roll!

I just finished a session of 1hr15mins at TowerGaming. I was 4 tabling 5-max $200NL. I won $613 and played quite well all round. I also received 175 more player points, bringing me closer to releasing my $200 bonus.

Played quite well for the most part. Had a few quite creative and interesting hands. Here are a few of them:
I’m new to the table. I’ve seen my opponent play a few times before and I don’t remember him to be a fish, so I assumed he was a decent player.
On the flop, he leads into me. This makes me think he isn’t too sure about his hand or is betting a draw. I put him on Ax at this point. I call and will decide what to do on later streets.
He checks the turn. This is weak to me, so I bet. I put him on a hand like AJ-A9 here and I bet knowing that I am behind and trying to make him fold. I am not betting my hand for value.
The river pairs the board. I stay with my read on him and still think I can make him fold, so I bet again. He has AQ and calls. Maybe, I shouldn’t have bet the turn and river, but I felt my bet was good against his range. I felt he would have 3bet AK preflop. I thought he could fold AQ-A9 in this spot.
This hand is a bit dodgy. I’m not sure if my river call is good here or not. I thought I’d call because I thought he might have a busted draw or he felt like I was stealing too much against him. My river check is weak and it screams: “I don’t have the 9”. So if he pushes he has a chance of folding any hand I might have. A lot of the time he does have a 9 though because of the flop and turn betting. I felt I should call. I did and won the hand. I’m not sure if I should have called the river bet though. Even with the 3-to-1 pot odds. I think I’m ahead less than 25% of the time here.
The main reason I called though was because I felt he might have been getting a bit fed up with me.
There are actually a lot of busted draws here and I just realized that he could also have had 5, 6 for a straight. Because of the speed of his flop and turn calls I was quite sure he didn’t have a 5, 6 though. But he definitely could have had a 9.
Another interesting hand.
Yesterday I posted about a similar hand where I had 44 and somebody limpraised. I probably shouldn’t have called in that hand because my implied odds were not good enough.
In this hand I’m not sure if a call preflop is good either. I could win approximately 12 times my $18 investment if I stacked him. But he doesn’t have to have AA in this spot. His range is quite a lot wider here and if I were the player 3-betting then calling with 88 would be -EV if you plan to give up on any flop that you don’t hit a set on. I called anyway, he did have AA and I stacked him. Standard after the flop. I min checkraised the flop to possibly get a reraise bluff by a hand like AK. I felt AA-TT would probably stack off here however much I raised.
This is probably the best hand of the session.
I put my opponent on a J with a big kicker. I was representing 2 pair or better. I was playing back at this guy quite a lot, but I felt he would lay down AJ here.
One thing I did very well in this hand was sizing my turn raise. I made a bet small enough for me to push him off his hand on the river, but still a scary bet. A bet that might look like I’m trying to extract value from my set.
A lot of the time in spots like these I donk off a stack, but this time it worked so I’m happy about it.
Last hand I’m going to post. Missed out a few nice hands that I would have liked to included. But these posts just take far too long. So far I’ve spent an hour on this post. In that time I could have won another $600!
I have QQ in this hand.
I think I made a good laydown. Villain is a regular and I know he’s not a fish. His range here is TT-AA and AKo/s at most. More likely his range is just AA and KK and maybe 25% of the time he has 1 of the other hands. Simple fold at the end of the day IMO. Pity I didn’t find out the result.


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