Just won $147 in a 30 min $200NL session

I played one hand really badly and got stacked by AKs with Q9s. He 3bets me pf from blinds. I call from LP. Flop is 976 or something similar. He bets. I call. Turn is a K. He bets. I call. River is a 2. He bets allin. I call. I played sooo bad that hand. Don’t play poker like that. The worst part of the hand is the river. It was an easy, easy fold. And I shouldn’t have called the pf 3bet either. The reason I did play so loose was because the hand before he played quite loose when he turn TP with AQ on a dangerous board and got all his money in the pot by the end. I threw away $200 in this hand. It was awful.

I doubled up twice after this though at 2 different tables to turn a profit for the session. I always seem to start the session off badly and then winning it all back with more. For example, in this session I was down $300+ at one point and I finished with a nice profit.

I’m running very well atm and haven’t had a losing session in a long time. I know this won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does. There will be a massive downswing at one point. It’s inevitable. I just hope I’m ready for it and don’t lose too much of my hard earned cash.

One hand where I doubled up I had TT vs 64o. Flop is 64T. He checkraises me and leads turn. I push turn and he calls. Nothing he could do about it, except for fold his 64o preflop!

One hand I think I played nicely. I’m in BB and call a pf raise with AcQc. Flop is As7s8c. Villain bets. I call. Turn is Tc. I check. Villain bets again. I checkraise allin (full stacks). Villain folds.

Going to the library now. Laters



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2 responses to “Just won $147 in a 30 min $200NL session

  1. fantasybowl

    One thing I’ve learned and stuck to over the course of the last 12 years is…. Don’t give shit away. Especially at the beginning of a session. When a person sits down in a game and is establishing a table image, is the most important time to stay focused, and make proper decisions. We don’t have to wait til we get stuck for the game to grab our attention. It’s the sign of weak play with the ability of making a come back. However you slice it it’s weak because when you do hit that down swing, you’ll remember how important it is to maintain good judgement by not giving shit away. Nobody has ever given me shit at the poker table, I take it. Which means I they will have to take it from me. Keep your eyes open for what I have going on, there’s no doubt that it will interest you if you’re a sports fan, or a fan of action on a daily basis. http://www.fanprophet.com


  2. Doing some nice advertising for your website. lol. I’ll allow it though since you make good comments.

    Thanks for the advice – you are definitely right. I’m definitely going to focus from now on from the start. I’ll just play standard TAG at the start of my sessions from now on. After I’m settled in the game I’ll start to play a bit looser.

    One advantage of losing money at the start of a session in a donk way is that you do get paid off more later on with your legit hands. But I’d still rather not donk off a stack at the start of a lot of my sessions.

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