Won $498 at $400NL

I 3 tabled $400NL just now for 30 minutes. Played quite well and realized that there are some really loose players playing. There are players willing to put in 15bb preflop with hands like QJo and T8s. And we’re only playing with 100bb stacks.

It was a good session overall. But my AK just seem to hit. I always 3bet AK preflop, but I’m seeing the flop with massive pots and there are 3 or 4 players in the hand. And I’m not betting to small. I’m betting at least pot and I’m getting ridiculous calls by players. Yesterday I got a call from 64s. Today I got calls from T8s and QJo as mentioned above. Some really crazy play going on at the Ongame network. I didn’t see this level of bad play at $200NL. It’s strange. I’m surprised these players can afford to buy in full and haven’t busted yet.

I’ve got a few hand histories. I’ll post them later. Going to watch the apprentice now.

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Filed under Poker, Ring Games, Short-handed

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