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iPhone gambling rumors are false

Earlier in the week I reported that the iPhone will come preinstalled with Full Tilt (real money online poker). These rumors have turned out to be false.

Apple were thinking of making a deal with Full Tilt, but Apple declined out as they felt it would be bad for the iPhone’s “reputation”. I agree with Apples decision. Would have been nice for the poker players among us though.



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Terrible day

I started off great as I mentioned in the previous post. But things have turned around a bit. I lost around $1600 at Party later in the day. I won about $100 back at TowerGaming, but I’m still down approximately $700 for the day.

Still a few hours left of the day so hopefully I’ll win all or some of it back.

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Another good start to the day. Lets hope it continues…

I just finished playing a 90 minute session. I made a profit of $850, playing at Party.

I won $868 from one guy. He was probably on tilt. The first hand he pushed allin for about $420 when I raised to $14 with QQ. I called (because I had saw push allin a few hands before with AQ and lose)  and won the hand. The next hand he moved allin for about $120. Everyone folded. The next hand I raise to $14 with TT and he moves allin for $400. I call. He shows KTs and I win the hand. He then leaves the table.

I played well throughout the session. Never really lucking out on someone when we got a big amount of money in the pot. I lost quite a lot of coinflips and hands where I was a nice favorite after that.  These hands were for fairly small amounts of money though. Maybe $100 to $200. It was frustrating though. I can complain since I did win the QQ vs AKo coinflip at the start of the session and that lead to me winning another $400 afterwards.

By the end of the session I ground my way back up to my original $850 profit and ended the session there.

I might post some hands later. I had AA allin preflop one hand. It was only for $108. The board comes 5A8, 8, K. I’m thinking as long as he doesn’t have 88 I’ve won the hand. He flips over 88 and takes the pot. Annoying.

More from me later today.

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Today started off great… but finished terribly

I started off the day really well. I was up over $1000 in under 30 minutes. I then went on to lose most of it. Going down to about $200 profit. This was at TowerGaming.

I then played at Patry and won $1000. In my final session of the day I lost $1600. I played some of the hands really badly. But there are just some massive donks at Party. I tilted for bits of it – but only very slightly. I haven’t been on major tilt in a long time.

Here are some of the hands. They are posted newest to oldest:

Party Poker:

AQ on a Q hi flop

Played the hand nicely. Get a ridiculous call and miss my draw

I played this really bad. Villain was autobetting pot on every street. I should have folded to his last bet. I was hoping he had an unlikely TT or other overpair.

2p versus bigger 2p. Should I be getting way from this hand?

The most I’ve ever won in a single hand. My opponents played so bad.

I played my AK like an idiot. I’m drawing dead when I put my money in. Not good.

Allin preflop with AK vs AT. Villain is an idiot.


Bluff went wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking. Really badly played hand. This player also made a big call down against me before so I definitely shouldn’t have been trying to bluff him.

This is the hand where he made a big call-down. I’m not used to seeing big calls like this. I have to give him credit. He played well and went with his read.

After looking through my hand histories, I’ve noticed that at TG I didn’t lose many big pots or win many big ones either. But at Party I had loads of big pots and hands where I was allin preflop for $400+. The average stacks at Party are bigger than at Tower, but play is definitely much looser at Party. There are a lot of maniacs lurking about.

I’ll probably be playing a lot more at Party during the next few weeks. The level of play is just much weaker.

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WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E.

This is the real WSOP Main Event. Whoever wins this will be considered a true champion of poker.The current chip leaders:

    John Hanson: $650,000
    Eli Elezra: $568,000
    Toto Leonidas: $560,000
    Allen Cunningham: $526,000
    Kenny Tran: $510,000

A lot of good players still left in it. Phil Ivey and Chip Reese are some of the big names still in it, but this tournament is packed with stars.

Elezra had a big early chip lead, but then started playing a lot of hands completely blind and lost a big portion of his stack. He dropped from 650k to about 350k. He’s now worked his way back up to $568k. But he could be on $800k+ if he hadn’t been messing around.

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First day of poker

I won ~$1700 today online and lost £40 ($80) offline.This is the most I have ever won in one day. I played maybe 5 hours online today. I’ll post some of the big hands tomorrow. I don’t feel I played great online today and I did mess up a few hands. But I did come away with a nice profit. I will post some of the big hands tomorrow.I played in a £10 rebuy tonight. I came 6th out of 16 players. I didn’t make any money. Top 3 got paid. I was unlucky not to cash and I was by far (IMO) the best player in the tournament. I lost a lot of expensive coin-flips at the final table and the only hands I did win were when I was a 75% favorite.I ended up getting knocked out with 44 against AA. This is how the hand went:

6 players left. Blinds are 1k/2k. 60k chips in total. I have 14k and am in 2nd place. Chip leader is to my right and has $20k. The next player has 500 chips. The other 3 players have an average stack of $10k.

I’m dealt 44 under the gun. I move allin. Chip leader moves allin. Everyone else folds. I have 44. He has AA. His hand holds up and I’m knocked out. I think the hand was pretty standard. The blinds were so big – I had no choice but to move in. My M was 4.67.

I did get lucky earlier in the tournament when I got allin with T8 against Q9 on a 972 board. I hit my straight and survived. I feel that my opponent made a bad call anyway. I think he should have folded his hand after how the action went.

Good Night

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Finished exams!

I just finished my exams! In general my exams didn’t go too well, but the one I had today. I think I will get AAAB. I was hoping for AAAA though.

I will now be playing poker for 6 weeks straight. 40 hours a week.

My goal is to reach a bank roll of $50k. I’m currently on $12k.

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