Had my first losing session since I stopped playing

I lost $400 4 tabling $400NL 5-max. Some crazy hands went down. I tilted for bits of it. I still couldn’t hit with AK in big pots where i 3bet preflop.

Some hands I played well. Some I played shite. In one crazy hand I open-raised 74 of hearts from button preflop. SB calls. flop is Ts9c8h. I bet 2/3 pot. Get min-check-raised. Turn is 3h. Giving me an openended straight draw and a flush draw. My opponent bets allin for $300 into a pot of about $110. I auto-tilt-call. Definitely a tilt call! The river is a 4d. My opponent shows AQo and I win the hand. lol. Crazzy.

One hand I made a stupid fold to 44 with A4 on a AQxxx board. I had really good odds to call too. My opponent was an idiot though. Later I stacked him when we went allin with my TT against his AJs preflop.

One big legit hand I lost was when I flopped a set with 22 on a 2JKr flop. I checkraise the flop. Opponent calls. Turn is a 9. I bet. He pushes. I call. He shows QT and wins the hand. Not much I could do in that hand. I was on tilt, but there’s no way I’m folding that to anyone.

Some cool bluffs went down to. I’ll post some hands later. I’m happy I stopped with a $68 loss. I was down approximately $700 at one point.

It was a very up and down session. I didn’t start the session with a big loss as I have done on previous occasions. I lost a bit, then won a bit, then lost a bit, etc. Then I went down $700, but managed to win it back.

The $400NL games at TowerGaming are mad. It’s whole different level of play to $200NL. I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder. I’m comfortable at $200NL, probably because the play there is quite straight foward. At $400NL I’m starting to find some of the crazy play you usually find at offline poker. The sort of poker where people are complaining about bad beats. This is definately a different level of thinking.

I read bits of Derren Brown’s book in the library today. I might buy it after my exams. Looks interesting, I learnt a card trick and I think I can apply parts of it to poker.

I had 1 hand where I called a pf 3bet with Queen-Ten of diamonds pf. 2 LAGG players are in the hand. Flop is 77J with 2 diamonds. 3bettor bets $150 into $200 pot. MP folds. I minraise to $300 (basically putting myself allin), my opponent folds. Nice pot to pick up there. Won about $300 off of it.

If you don’t understand what any words mean go to the “Poker Lingo” page.

Good night


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