Won $1025 just now!

Playing 4 tables of $400NL 5-max. The session was approximately 1 hour long. That’s the most I’ve ever won in a day.

I’m starting to hate Ace-King. I can’t seem to ever hit with it when it matters. Everytime I see AK and the start of a big pot I think, “Oh no”. My luck has been good overall though, so I’m not complaining.

There are some crazy players at $400NL. Some of the aggression I’ve seen is mad. It’s sort of good and sort of frustrating. I think I can exploit it and turn a nice profit, but I expect that will come with a lot of variance too. Also, it is not relaxing at all. I have to constantly focus. $200NL is much calmer and relaxing too and I feel I can turn a comfortable profit on the $200NL tables without stressing out over it and swearing every other hand.

It’s lucky I played today. I actually cashed out my money today, but cancelled the cashout so that I could continue playing. Definitely turned out to be worth. I’m £500 better off because of it.



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3 responses to “Won $1025 just now!

  1. fantasybowl

    If you’re playing poker above your BR then sure it’s uncomfortable and a recipe to put us on tilt immediately. I’m sure you’re not over your BR so relax and continue to pick up a ‘dime’ at a time.

    Play good!


  2. Luke

    if 1k is a big win for u at 400nl then you suck

  3. this is when i just moved up to $1kNL – one of my first sessions.

    $1k in a short session is definitely a lot to me.

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