Some sick hands

I just had a look at some hands at Here are a few of the craziest hands you will ever see:

Quads getting cracked by a runner-runner straight flush ($135,218 pot!)

Quads getting cracked to a Royal Flush ($4860 pot)

sbrugby vs Phil Ivey: fake misclick

There are other good hands on the site but the above hands are classics. The hand with Brian Townsend (sbrugby/aba20) and Phil Ivey is so deep. Can you believe that misclicks are a part of their game! About 6 months before this hand sbrugby made a real misclick against Ivey and they got all their chips in the middle preflop with A8o (sbrugby) vs K9o (Ivey). Here’s sbrugby’s blog post on the fake misclick.


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