Got my PC back today

My PC crashed and just got fixed today. The computer was wiped but my I still have the files I wanted to keep. (Apple’s are so much better – this never happens on a Mac).

I signed up to and just wanted to test it, by posting a hand history from Party. Here it is:

Turned set of jacks versus pocket aces

I actually feel like I played the hand really badly. The main reason for that is I just didn’t think that he could have an overpair (since he did limp and didn’t limpraise).

I definitely should have stacked my opponent here and he was definitely not laying his hand down. The reason I didn’t stack him was because of a bad turn raise. I should have raise on the turn to between $85 and $100.  Then the river would have been an easy push and it would have been an easy call for him.

The thing I hate most about this hand is that I would probably have put the same amount of money into the pot if the turn and river were both low cards that didn’t complete any draws. I would have raised the turn for value and probably bet the river for value too. I just didn’t think that he could have an overpair to my pocket Jacks. Limp-calling Aces is not a good idea, but you do gain loads of deception from it. It’s hard to see it coming and you can earn a lot of money off someone who hits something like TPTK with AJ. The problem is that you could end up losing a big pot if you lose the hand, but winning a small pot if you win the hand.

Most players prefer to play their pocket Aces aggressively so that they don’t get drawn out on by the big blind’s 93o and then losing half their stack in their hand. You know what they say about Aces: “Win a small pot, lose a big one”.  I don’t really agree with this, but it does have some truth to it. And it has a lot of truth to it when you decide to slowplay them.


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