Started driving

I started driving today. I passed my test on Sunday and got an old blue Peugeot 106 yesterday. I feel so unsafe while I drive and everyone is beeping at me. I’m going to end up hurting someone sooner or later (probably sooner).

Every time I get out the car I feel so relieved that I didn’t crash. I am so unconfident about driving, but as a learner I was extremely arrogant and confident.

My car doesn’t have power-steering, the speedometer starts on 4 mph and the biting point on my clutch is so high up. Parking is hard too, because of my dodgy side mirrors.

I’ll keep practicing and I’m going to try and drive a lot slower from now on, even though I don’t think that will be possible. I’m a speed-freak boy-racer. It’s in my nature.

I think there is a lot more luck involved in my driving than there is in me playing poker. I would much rather have a 50-50 race of AKs vs QQ than bet on me not crashing the next time I drive.


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