$1000 TowerGaming Freeroll

I forget to play in the Tower Gaming $500 freeroll last night. But I did remember to play in the $1000 freeroll tonight.

Unfortunately, the freeroll started at 9pm GMT and that’s when The Apprentice was on. So I registered for the tournament, but sat out for the 1st hour. I returned at 10pm to find that I had a stack of 450 chips with the blinds at 100/200.

The first hand back I went allin with A2o on the button. CO had limped and everyone else had folded. SB calls. BB folds and CO folds. Flop is A83r. SB checks. CO bets 200. SB folds. SB turns over QTo (wtf was he thinking betting the flop?). Another ace comes on the turn and I win the hand and triple up.

Then there’s a 5 minute break. After the break I go allin with Q8s and steal the blinds of 150 and 300. The next hand I go allin again and everybody folds. Not a good result since this time I had KK. I probably should have minbet preflop and got some donk to double me up. Oh well.

A couple of hands later I’m dealt KQo in EP. I move allin. BB calls with A8o and has me covered. My stack is about 2.5k at this point. I flop a Queen, but he rivers an Ace and knocks me out of the tournament. I finished in 51st place with top 15 being paid. Hopefully I’ll do better in the $1500 and $2000 freerolls, which are tomorrow night and the night after respectively.

The freerolls are really good. There’s loads of value and each seat is actually worth something since there are only 120 or so entrants in each freeroll. Tonight the seats were worth close to $10. The $2k freeroll seats will be worth approximately $15. Nice of TG to give me a seat and this is why I love Tower so much.

I had 2 chemistry exams today. They went alright. I probably got low A’s in both of them. I already have low A’s in both papers though. I might have scraped an extra few marks this time round. I barely learned for the papers though so I’m not bothered. Worst comes to worst and I’ll have 2 low A’s.

Afterwards I went to Borders (a book shop) to revise . I drove there. I’m getting much better at driving now, but I’m still making loads of mistakes. I am getting way more confident which is good.

At Borders I read a book by Paul Arden called, “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite“. I read the book in under 2 hours since there is very little content. But it is a truly amazing book. You start thinking so differently once you’ve read it. The book inspires you to be different. It only costs £8 and I highly recommend reading it. I read through it quickly, but you could spend hours looking at all the illustrations, photos and pictures in the book. It’s the sort of book you can read 100 times and not get bored of. And this is coming from someone who finds reading “boring”.


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