$1500 freeroll

I came 71st out of 123 runners in tonight’s TowerGaming freeroll. The quality of the players was surprisingly good. Usually everybody goes allin the first few hands of these freerolls and you’ve lost half the field after about half an hour. In tonight’s and last night’s tournies, most of the players have been playing fairly tight and it takes a while to get to the payout structure.

I think the reason for the better players is that to enter you need to have earned quite a lot of player points in a relatively short amount of time. The players that are able to earn so many PPs so quickly are either playing at the higher stakes or are playing a lot at the lower stakes – either way, they have to be fairly decent players. Also, each seat in the freeroll tonight was worth $12.2 and the tournament had a nice payout structure with the top 20 players being paid and $21 being awarded to 20th place and $390 for 1st. All these reasons put together lead to a relatively level of competition for a freeroll.

Here’s a quick summary of the tournament:

I doubled up fairly early with T2s flopping a flush and busting JJ.

I won a few more small pots. Stole a few blinds and grinded my stack up a bit more, at which point this hand occured:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1155166 – I think I probably played it badly, but I really didn’t know what to do. Our stacks are so short and it’s heads up. I can’t really let my hand go. I’m a fish in this situation. Losing half my stack with 2nd pair seems stupid. I’m going to post the hand on the FTR forums.

This is the hand I lost the rest of my stack with:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1155180 – Villain was playing quite tight and I had been raising quite a lot recently. The blinds were getting bigger though. I think my push was alright. I was hoping villain would fold btw. But even if he didn’t I was still ahead if he had 2 overcards.

On a side note: I reached 99MPH in my car tonight. I’m feeling really confident in my driving now.


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