World Series of Poker 2007 (WSOP) update

A poker superstar is yet to win an event at this year’s WSOP.

Phil Ivey came 2nd in the 7 card stud event. Barry Greenstein finished 4th in another 7 card stud event. Other name players that have had high finishes are David “Devil Fish” Ulliot, Amir Vahedi, Gavin Smith, John Juanda and David Oppenheim.

Event 13 (Pot-Limit Holdem) is currently still running as I write this post. Allen Cunningham and Humberto Brenes are both at the final table. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Scott Fischman both had high finishes just missing out on the final table.

I’m not really interested in the WSOP so much really. There’s a load of luck involved and the money just isn’t that great. A $5kNL winning grinder will make a lot more money than any of these “donkament” players. The real action is in the side games. Brian Towsend (sbrugby/aba20) has won over $2.15 million in 4 sessions over a 5 day period playing against in the world. Townsend has been playing the likes of Sami Farha, David Benyamine, Patrick Antonius, Bobby Baldwin and Johnny Chan.

This is much more impressive than any donkament winner. The fields are so big that you need a huge amount of luck to win. The $50k H.O.R.S.E event should be good though. You won’t see many amateurs playing in that event.

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