Elezra wins huge prop bets with Barry Greenstein

Eli won the bracelet today and $200,000. But he won $300,000 extra in prop bets. Here are parts of an interview from Eli (taken from pokerlistings.com) :

I saw you try on the bracelet about halfway through the heads-up match. You must have been very eager to win it.

Oh yes. I mean, it was more than the money, because other than the prize money I won an additional $250,000 bet against Barry Greenstein. Ten to one he laid me that I wouldn’t win a bracelet.

I mean, for me, the money – I’m playing every night for three, four, five hundred thousand dollars, you know, when I’m playing in the high limit games. So the bracelet was worth way, way more than the money for me.

The bracelet is obviously worth a lot more than the prize money to the top players. I’m surprised he was so casual in the heads up game. I would have been doing my best to have full concentration.

Can you elaborate a bit about the prop bets you had?

Yeah, I laid prop bets with all of the big players, and I’m talking about Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey – everyone who is playing in the high-limit games. I laid them between three and a half to almost six to one that they wouldn’t win bracelets. I would lose like $250,000 to $50,000.

And Barry came to me and asked if I had a bet on myself. I said, “No, what would you lay me?” He said ten to one, so I took it right away. I took it for $25,000, so I won actually $500,000 for this event, because I had an additional $50,000 bet, so it wasn’t a $200,000 win, it was $500,000.

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