Katja Thater wins Seven-Card Razz

Katja Thater is the first woman in 3 years to win a WSOP event (a non-woman’s only event). She won $132,653 and an “ugly” bracelet.

Katja Thater wsop bracelet The surrounding media throng bombarded Katja with questions on her historic win as a woman. Katja replied that gender meant nothing to her and that she couldn’t hear any more about gender in poker; and moved from ceremony to photo shoot to interview to autograph.

The chip counts coming into the final table were as follows: O’Neil Longson ($385,500), St. Jean ($171,000), Denny Axel ($123,000), Thater ($117,500), Paul “Eskimo” Clark ($88,500), Mark Vos ($84,500), Thomas Daubert ($54,500), and Men “The Master” Nguyen ($35,000).

Mark Vos finished 6th and Men “The Master” Nguyen finished in 8th.

Here are the final table results for the $1,500 Razz event:

  • Katja Thater – $132,653
  • Larry St. Jean – $73,311
  • O’Neil Longson – $46,547
  • Paul “Eskimo” Clark – $31,186
  • Denny Axel – $24,204
  • Mark Vos – $18,386
  • Men “The Master” Nguyen – $14,197
  • Thomas Daubert – $10,473

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