First day of poker

I won ~$1700 today online and lost £40 ($80) offline.This is the most I have ever won in one day. I played maybe 5 hours online today. I’ll post some of the big hands tomorrow. I don’t feel I played great online today and I did mess up a few hands. But I did come away with a nice profit. I will post some of the big hands tomorrow.I played in a £10 rebuy tonight. I came 6th out of 16 players. I didn’t make any money. Top 3 got paid. I was unlucky not to cash and I was by far (IMO) the best player in the tournament. I lost a lot of expensive coin-flips at the final table and the only hands I did win were when I was a 75% favorite.I ended up getting knocked out with 44 against AA. This is how the hand went:

6 players left. Blinds are 1k/2k. 60k chips in total. I have 14k and am in 2nd place. Chip leader is to my right and has $20k. The next player has 500 chips. The other 3 players have an average stack of $10k.

I’m dealt 44 under the gun. I move allin. Chip leader moves allin. Everyone else folds. I have 44. He has AA. His hand holds up and I’m knocked out. I think the hand was pretty standard. The blinds were so big – I had no choice but to move in. My M was 4.67.

I did get lucky earlier in the tournament when I got allin with T8 against Q9 on a 972 board. I hit my straight and survived. I feel that my opponent made a bad call anyway. I think he should have folded his hand after how the action went.

Good Night


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