Another good start to the day. Lets hope it continues…

I just finished playing a 90 minute session. I made a profit of $850, playing at Party.

I won $868 from one guy. He was probably on tilt. The first hand he pushed allin for about $420 when I raised to $14 with QQ. I called (because I had saw push allin a few hands before with AQ and lose)  and won the hand. The next hand he moved allin for about $120. Everyone folded. The next hand I raise to $14 with TT and he moves allin for $400. I call. He shows KTs and I win the hand. He then leaves the table.

I played well throughout the session. Never really lucking out on someone when we got a big amount of money in the pot. I lost quite a lot of coinflips and hands where I was a nice favorite after that.  These hands were for fairly small amounts of money though. Maybe $100 to $200. It was frustrating though. I can complain since I did win the QQ vs AKo coinflip at the start of the session and that lead to me winning another $400 afterwards.

By the end of the session I ground my way back up to my original $850 profit and ended the session there.

I might post some hands later. I had AA allin preflop one hand. It was only for $108. The board comes 5A8, 8, K. I’m thinking as long as he doesn’t have 88 I’ve won the hand. He flips over 88 and takes the pot. Annoying.

More from me later today.


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