iPhone gambling rumors are false

Earlier in the week I reported that the iPhone will come preinstalled with Full Tilt (real money online poker). These rumors have turned out to be false.

Apple were thinking of making a deal with Full Tilt, but Apple declined out as they felt it would be bad for the iPhone’s “reputation”. I agree with Apples decision. Would have been nice for the poker players among us though.



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9 responses to “iPhone gambling rumors are false

  1. jcap1p

    Aww, I thought I was actually going to be able to play on my phone when I get it. My new link is poker-speak.com for my blog if you could change. Thank you.

  2. Anthony Pittarelli

    Of course there is no cheesy poker program on the iphone, pass

  3. I find it obvious, with the current state of US laws on the books that Apple would shy away from making a deal with a large commercial site like FullTilt. What Apple should do is find an exceptional piece of Mac compatible poker software and skin it for their own uses. Wonder if they have taken a look at ours?

    GM Livepoker.com

  4. dang, is there any site that anyone can find that u can play poker for real money that is compatible for the iPhone. I called apple before I bought my iPhone to check if I could play absolute poker cause its ran off java and they told me yes there would be no problem that was a big reason I purchased the iPhone but sure enough I can get to the login screen then after I log in a blue box with a ? Comes up, I have contacted apple number of times buri cannot get any absswers as to what I can play any responses

  5. Someone told me there is an IPone hack that allows you to play FullTilt and even other poker rooms. Is this true at all? YourPokerSponsor.com

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  8. interesting writing and I dig the posts however what about the ugly issue of collusion in online poker?

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