Today started off great… but finished terribly

I started off the day really well. I was up over $1000 in under 30 minutes. I then went on to lose most of it. Going down to about $200 profit. This was at TowerGaming.

I then played at Patry and won $1000. In my final session of the day I lost $1600. I played some of the hands really badly. But there are just some massive donks at Party. I tilted for bits of it – but only very slightly. I haven’t been on major tilt in a long time.

Here are some of the hands. They are posted newest to oldest:

Party Poker:

AQ on a Q hi flop

Played the hand nicely. Get a ridiculous call and miss my draw

I played this really bad. Villain was autobetting pot on every street. I should have folded to his last bet. I was hoping he had an unlikely TT or other overpair.

2p versus bigger 2p. Should I be getting way from this hand?

The most I’ve ever won in a single hand. My opponents played so bad.

I played my AK like an idiot. I’m drawing dead when I put my money in. Not good.

Allin preflop with AK vs AT. Villain is an idiot.


Bluff went wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking. Really badly played hand. This player also made a big call down against me before so I definitely shouldn’t have been trying to bluff him.

This is the hand where he made a big call-down. I’m not used to seeing big calls like this. I have to give him credit. He played well and went with his read.

After looking through my hand histories, I’ve noticed that at TG I didn’t lose many big pots or win many big ones either. But at Party I had loads of big pots and hands where I was allin preflop for $400+. The average stacks at Party are bigger than at Tower, but play is definitely much looser at Party. There are a lot of maniacs lurking about.

I’ll probably be playing a lot more at Party during the next few weeks. The level of play is just much weaker.


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