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Lost $2.5k in 50 minutes!

What a blow!

As soon as I started the session I wasn’t really feeling it. I was playing 4 tables of $600NL but from the start I wasn’t in the zone. I probably shouldn’t have played, but I did and things didn’t go too well.

Even though I lost all this money today in such a short space of time – I don’t feel like I was outplayed or outmatched. I feel like a fed the fish a lot of money today. Money that the poker community and I will win back in the future.

I might post some hands later. One hand that really pissed me off was when I thought someone was bluffing but hit a miracle turn and stacked me. There was a lot of meta game going on.

This is how went:

A few orbits earlier he had checkraised me on a flop of J84r or similar. I folded, but he could have been bluffing. It is the perfect flop to bluff on. If you try playing back on a 557 flop, people might suspect you of bluffing, but on a J84r flop, it’s a very weak flop, but a lot of people won’t realize that it is such a harmless flop, so you’ll have to fold if you missed, because it is unlikely they are check-raise bluffing.

Anyway, a few hands later the situation is reversed. He is the preflop aggressor in position. I have 44. I auto-check a similar Jxx flop. He continuation bets. I raise to 3x his bet. He then thinks for a bit and makes minimum reraise. Maybe I should have pushed here and gone with my read, but I thought I’d wait till the turn to make a push. I didn’t realize how big the pot and how short our stacks were, so maybe I should have 4bet pushed here, but I don’t know if I had the guts to go with my feeling.

Anyway, I call. Turn is a ten. I check. He bets a bit under half pot (which is also half his stack). I push for a small bit more. He calls. He had pocket tens and hit the miracle card. It’s annoying that my gut was right, but that turn card really sucked for me.

Also, when he did make that bet, I thought that he might now have a strong hand, but I decided to go with my read from the flop and push and hope for a fold. Alas, that didn’t happen and he takes 100bb and $600 off me. This player probably took about $1200-$1500 from me across 3 tables. I can’t wait to play him in the future because I know I’ll destroy him.

Another big pot he took off me was when we got allin for $500 each on a 9c7c4c flop. I had AcKo and he had 8c8o. He checkraised me allin on the flop and I called. It was a coinflip in which I actually had a slight edge. My outs didn’t come though and he won the hand.



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On a big up again!

I played 1000+ hands of solely $600NL today in 3 hours of play and around $1400.Yesterday I only played for 45 minutes, but scored a huge profit of $1.8k! That was split between $400NL and $600NL.Overall, I’ve played about 3000 hands of $600NL and I’m down $80. This is good news as 2 days ago I was down $1.8k. I’m going to keep playing $600NL and I’m very confident I can beat it now. I look forward to playing $1k sometime next week? If I run well, this could very well happen. Also, I’m running at 12.5ptbb/100hands over a 14.5k hand sample at $400NL. 

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Don’t bluff idiots and don’t show your cards!

I’ve lost so much money in the past from trying to bluff idiots off a hand. I did manage to bluff 2 idiots off a hand today though.

Both players were seeing over 40% of flops and the big blind was folding more than a player of his looseness usually does postflop.

Here it is:

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 4 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $310.46

BB: $831.70

UTG: $289.80

Hero (BTN): $689.30

Preflop: Hero is dealt 6 5 (4 Players)

UTG checks, Hero raises to $18.00, SB calls $16.00, BB raises to $50.00, UTG folds, Hero calls $32.00, SB calls $32.00

Flop: ($154) 2 7 9 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB bets $40.00, Hero calls $40.00, SB calls $40.00

Turn: ($274) T (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks

River: ($274) 4 (3 Players)

SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $221.00, 2 folds

Uncalled bet of $221.00 returned to Hero

Pot Size: $274.00

I showed my bluff to these 2 donkeys so that I could get more action off them in the future (another “mistake”). I did get more action on this hand winning a very big pot against a very weak hand (BB is the same player in both hands):

Party Poker – No Limit Hold’em Cash Game – $2/$4 Blinds – 6 Players – (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $390.00

BB: $687.30

UTG: $355.00

Hero (MP): $787.20

CO: $458.30

BTN: $117.96

Preflop: Hero is dealt K K (6 Players)

UTG folds, Hero raises to $15.00, 3 folds, BB raises to $26.00, Hero raises to $100.00, BB raises to $174.00, Hero raises to $350.00, BB raises all-in to $687.30, Hero calls $337.30

Flop: ($1376.60) 2 2 5 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Turn: ($1376.60) 4 (2 Players – 1 All-In)

River: ($1376.60) J (2 Players – 1 All-In)

Pot Size: $1,376.60 ($3 Rake)

BB had Q A (a pair of Twos) and LOST (-$687.30)

Hero had K K (two pairs, Kings and Twos) and WON (+$686.30)

In general I don’t show my hands. Lucky I did in this instance though. He probably wouldn’t have played his hand so aggressively if I hadn’t shown my bluff a few hands earlier.

When I do show bluffs (which I do rarely), it is to satisfy my ego. In this scenario I knew that I was playing 2 donkeys and I did it purely to get more value off them in the future (which I did).

I got in a nice couple of hours of play tonight winning about $1000, although I’m disappointed I didn’t win more. I lost a coinflip to another donkey in an $750 pot where we got allin on the flop.


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$600NL is hard!

I played again last night. I lost about $1.3k! I lost a vast majority of it on tilt.Today I only played $400NL on Party. I won about $1.5k. I’m going to continue playing $400NL till I’ve won another few Gs. I hope I stick to my word this time.It’s funny how I tilted $1.3k early yesterday. I then ground it all back at $400NL and then went on to lose it again at $600NL. Today I’ve ground it back again. At least I’ve made a profit over the last 2 days.I’m not going to be playing poker for the next 24hrs because of Tisha B’Av. I hope to read a lot of Harry Potter in this time. To beat $600NL I first need to tighten up a bit. At $400NL I play 24/19. At $600NL I was playing 26/21.5 for some reason. The games at $600NL are very tough and aggressive.I think I will tighten up even more to 22/16 when I next play $600NL and then open it up to 24/19 when I’m more comfortable with the game. 

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$600NL analysis (PartyPoker)

It’s quite tough, but I think I can beat it. I moved down to $400NL for a bit, but I’m now playing $600NL again.

Players do not respect continuation bets at $600NL and a lot more bluffing goes on. The players are also a lot more creative (ie. checkraising the river, etc.). They come up with moves you see done at low stakes but not much at medium stakes. The low stakes players don’t do them very well either.

I need to tighten up continuation betting a bit because I am getting called way too much.

There are quite a few fish still lurking around. I wouldn’t have expected to see so many fish, but some of the players playing at $600NL couldn’t even beat $25NL IMO.

And you still find players that can’t fold top pair, top kicker or even top pair weak kicker. Earlier today I lost $1300 when I went on tilt, but a player was calling my bets with T7 on a T3235 board. He stacked me for 100bb. I wasn’t on tilt when that hand occurred but later I lost $800 to him when I tried to bluff him off his AJ on a J hi board – definitely not going to happen.

If I can control my tilt I will beat $600NL. I look forward to playing $1kNL soon.

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Poker Graph for last 23k hands

The graph is very up and down. The downswing in the middle is horrible to look at, but it happens and I worked out how to get out of it and improved my game in the process.

Click here for the full sized version (clearer).

poker graph


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Lost a bit

I’ve lost a bit since my last post. A few days ago my bankroll was $23k. It is now about $20.5k.

I lost $3k at $600NL and then dropped back down to $400NL. I have barely played this week. I really want to put in long hours but I’m just too busy. My holiday is nearly over. Only 3 weeks left!

I’m going to be playing $400NL for a bit until I feel comfortable moving up again.

$600NL is a tough game, but I feel I can beat $400NL without too many problems.

There are a few hands I play and afterwards I think: “Why did I play so bad?” – they were stupid mistakes and if I didn’t make those mistakes I’d be up a few hundred dollars more for the session. The thing is there are times I make “mistakes/loose calls” but I win the hand, so maybe they aren’t really mistakes.

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