Good news and bad news

First the bad news:

Since I started playing poker again (25th of June) – I was up about $3000 online within 2 days. I am now down approx. $500 over this period of time. I’m about quits at Party and I’ve lost just under $500 at TowerGaming. I also lost a $200 I cleared at TG which was worth $200 and I actually cleared 95%+ of that bonus before I continued playing on the 25th – so in reality I am down about $700 online.I have moved down to $200NL for a while until I start winning again. After I’ve won $1000 at $200NL I’ll move up again.

The good news:

On Thursday night I won £450 (~$900) in a live tournament. It was a £30 semi-freezeout (you can buyin twice – either a rebuy if you get knocked out or an addon at the end of the rebuy period) with a guaranteed 1st prize of £500. There were only 9 runners. I think everybody bought in twice so the prize pool should have been £540 minus the rake, but the actual prize pool was £640 (£140 for 2nd place) – a nice overlay.

I played okay although I played better on Monday night were I lost £40 and came 6th out of 16 runners in the £10 rebuy. I played 2 hands in total in the rebuy period which was 90 minutes long. I was playing tight, but I also had a completely dead deck. I just wasn’t being dealt anything. At the start of the freezeout I had 6000 chips (each buyin is 2500 so I had made a profit of 1000 chips).

There were a few short stacks at the opposite end of the table to me that went allin 3 or 4 times and somehow managed to survive all of them with weak holdings.

When it got to 4 handed we agreed to knock £50 off 1st place and £10 off 2nd to give 3rd and 4th £30 each.I was the most aggressive and loose player at the table when it got to short handed. When it got to 3 handed I was bullying the other players to death. The blinds were very big and I was pushing allin a lot. Today I read the end of “No Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice” by Sklansky and Miller. It has a really amazing chapter on these kinds of situations at the back. It’s about the Sklansky-Chubukov rankings and it applies a lot to tournaments. It tells you if you should push your hand when the stacks are small. I definitely recommend reading it.

I offered my opponent a deal when we got to heads-up. I had 26k and he had 19.3k. The blinds were 1k/2k. The difference between 1st and 2nd was £320 so I offered him £180/£140 split. This was a very fair offer. He was playing for the club so asked a few of the others and he ended up declining. I then offered £170/£150 which is definitely in his favor and he declined too. The 1st hands of HU he’s in the SB. He pushes allin. I have A5o. I thought for a few minutes. He then calls for the clock. I decided to call. He had 76s. The board came 994, 8, 2 and I won the tournament.

Analyzing his allin move, was it a good play? I think so. The Sklansky-Chubukov number would be 8300 chips. But since I am folding hands like Q7, 89, JT and maybe even hands like A2o. I think his push is definitely +EV.



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