Back on a winning run

Yesterday I won $700 during the day at $400NL. I then played from 4.30 to 6am and won $2000!

Today I’ve lost $350 so far.

Last night I had the most incredibly lucky session. I hit so many sets and I was also being dealt a lot of big pocket pairs which were getting paid quite well too. I didn’t lose a big pot, but I won many.

Today my luck continued and my sets continued to hit. Towards the end of the session. I lost 2 big pots that I shouldn’t have lost. I was bluffing. One hand I made a 3 street bluff and lost about $300. Another hand I played a draw quite aggressively out of position and lost another $250. I stopped my session shortly afterwards so I wouldn’t tilt anymore money away.

I’ve changed a part of my strategy and I think the change has helped my results. In the past, I’ve been betting around 2/3 pot on continuation bets which were bluffs. And I was betting around pot when I had a good hand and wanted to build a pot. I did mix it up a bit, but in general I think people were playing back at me when I was betting less and folding when I was betting more.

I’ve now started betting pot a lot more with bluffs. Betting pot means players will play back at me less when they completely miss the flop, but it also means that when they do flop something and I have a good hand – I can extract a lot more value. It disguises my good and bad hands much better since I play both the same way.

Here are some hands from my last few sessions, where I’ve been getting good value for my hands:

Quad 5s played very aggro. Stacked my opponent. In the past week I think I may have only got 2/3 of his stack on this hand.

Another nice hand with a set. Not much to this hand. I just let them do the betting. I was planning on check-raising but then someone else did it for me. I was actually very scared of a set of 9s in this hand, since I hadn’t seen vvcherv get out of line before, but I definitely wasn’t going to fold this.

Some more aggressive betting. I don’t get a river call though. I think I played it fine though. There are too many donkeys at Party that will call this bet with the ten of hearts or higher.

A silly bluff. I definitely shouldn’t have bet the river. I made strong bets on the flop and turn and he called both of them. I didn’t know much about WuadeneQuatsch. It was a badly played hand. I like the flop and turn, but the river is bad. To make up for it though I had this hand a few minutes later:

Good value from pocket kings. I made similar bets to my bluffing hand (this is at a different table though) and I get paid off nicely by a very weak hand. Again, I’m new to this table, but I wasn’t too worried about a set on the flop and turn.

I’m happy with how I’m playing at the moment. I feel I’m getting hands paid off well.


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