Downswing again

I feel I’m playing fine and the reason I lost today and yesterday are due to the cards. Today I’ve lost $500 so far. Yesterday I lost $1000.

Here is one truly sick hand that made me go on a tilt a bit. I left shortly after:

AA gets bad beat. The reason this hand happened was because the hand before I reraised preflop on the the button with AKo and he folded. So this time he assumed I was bluffing him and he had to “make a stand”. The minreraise preflop is because I think he’s quite weak and unlikely to call an allin bet by me (and I was right) and it basically commits him to the pot as you can see when he pushed his 87o on the low flop. T85 flop. I played the hand well. He was so far behind when he got the money in. I could have played with a bit less variance and pushed preflop, but I would have been losing out on value, so I’m not worried.

I then tilted slightly on 2 hands:

Caught bluffing. Opponent is obviously an idiot, but what can you do?

Then a few hands later this occurred:

QQ stacked by AA. The reason I’m happy to go allin is because of the hand before so he’s probably willing to play for stacks against me with a wider range (if he saw the hand). I should maybe just called the 4bet and not push and see a flop. If the flop doesn’t bring an A or K, I can play for stacks, and if the flop does bring an ace or a king I can safely fold.

It wouldn’t have made a difference at the end of the day, but a big part of his 4betting range is probably AK.


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