Just finished a 90 minute session and made a profit of $2200

Here’s an interesting hand that I feel I played really badly and timidly. I played the hand very out of character and got myself into a sticky situation.

I really need to work on my deep stacked game. This opponent took a few quite big stacks off me without a showdown. I think I play to cautiously when deep.

The session went very well though and I made a profit at all 4 tables I was playing.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs recently, but I plan on really concentrating hard. I’ve been having a lot of very late nights recently, but from now on I’m going to start going to bed a bit earlier, because lack of sleep is killing my concentration and stamina.

I don’t know how people manage to play 40 hours+ of poker a week. I can only play 2 hour online sessions at most.

I’ve been running very well at $400NL on Party with a win rate of 8.5BB/100hands over 9.5k hands. I don’t think I’m good enough to maintain that over 100k hands, but I think I could probably manage 5BB/100hands.

My bankroll is $17.5k+, so I’ll be moving up to $600NL soon. I think I’ll wait till I reach $20k and then take a shot.



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2 responses to “Just finished a 90 minute session and made a profit of $2200

  1. Jay

    Wow man that’s great. I never played cash games for a long enough period of time to gauge a win rate, let alone move up. I go to the casino and play $1/2 or $2/5 sometimes but I don’t have a roll just for cash games. Great job, keep it up

  2. What do you play Jay? tournies? BTW, you’re site is looking good. A lot of content. Haven’t read any of it yet.

    Last year i wasn’t even rolled for $25NL. But I grinded my way up and now here I am, about to move up to $600NL. Having a shot tomorrow. Should be fun.

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