Played around 300 hands of $600NL today and won

I won close to $2400 today. My move up to $600NL has been good so far. Over 700 hands I’ve won 37BB/100hands (BB = big bets = 2xbig blind).

I’m not looking forward to an inevitable downswing. I just hope I don’t get too cocky and keep on playing my A-game.

There are a lot of short-stacks lurking around $600NL, but they aren’t the sort you find at $200NL. These players buy in for 20 buyins (minimum buyin) and when they lose their stack they buyin again for the same amount, so they must have some kind of bankroll. The shorties then leave the table when they double up.

The short stacks at lower stakes are usually donks or players on tilt that buyin for their entire stack and can’t play poker to save their life. I did get very lucky today against the short stacks. I was allin with a short stack multiple times preflop and I definitely won more than my fair share. A lot of the time I was far behind, but I managed to hit a 4 card flush or similar to win the pot. Also, I don’t remember a pot where I was ahead against the short stacks and lost.

I suppose this evens things out. In the past I’ve had sessions where I’ve continuously been bad beaten by shorties.

One thing I noticed at $600NL is that there is a lot of bluffing. I think I won 2 big pots against complete bluffs. You don’t see that too much at lower stakes. I felt like I was making bad, loose calls a few times, but they flip over their hand and it’s just a complete bluff for their entire stack.

Also, my continuation bets are given a lot less respect at $600NL. I think people were just hitting a lot more flops than usual, but I was getting less respect for my pot c-bets.

Afterwards I lost a $26 satellite for the $300k guaranteed Sunday PartyPoker event. I lost, but I think it’s probably for the best. Last week’s tournament took 7 hours and I don’t think I want to spend a few hours of my time playing in a donkament. I’ve had very little practice at tournaments lately, especially online, so I probably wouldn’t have done very well anyway.


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