Lost a bit

I’ve lost a bit since my last post. A few days ago my bankroll was $23k. It is now about $20.5k.

I lost $3k at $600NL and then dropped back down to $400NL. I have barely played this week. I really want to put in long hours but I’m just too busy. My holiday is nearly over. Only 3 weeks left!

I’m going to be playing $400NL for a bit until I feel comfortable moving up again.

$600NL is a tough game, but I feel I can beat $400NL without too many problems.

There are a few hands I play and afterwards I think: “Why did I play so bad?” – they were stupid mistakes and if I didn’t make those mistakes I’d be up a few hundred dollars more for the session. The thing is there are times I make “mistakes/loose calls” but I win the hand, so maybe they aren’t really mistakes.


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  1. Jay

    That is a very disciplined thing to move down like that. Keep playing your A-game and things will turn around

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