$600NL analysis (PartyPoker)

It’s quite tough, but I think I can beat it. I moved down to $400NL for a bit, but I’m now playing $600NL again.

Players do not respect continuation bets at $600NL and a lot more bluffing goes on. The players are also a lot more creative (ie. checkraising the river, etc.). They come up with moves you see done at low stakes but not much at medium stakes. The low stakes players don’t do them very well either.

I need to tighten up continuation betting a bit because I am getting called way too much.

There are quite a few fish still lurking around. I wouldn’t have expected to see so many fish, but some of the players playing at $600NL couldn’t even beat $25NL IMO.

And you still find players that can’t fold top pair, top kicker or even top pair weak kicker. Earlier today I lost $1300 when I went on tilt, but a player was calling my bets with T7 on a T3235 board. He stacked me for 100bb. I wasn’t on tilt when that hand occurred but later I lost $800 to him when I tried to bluff him off his AJ on a J hi board – definitely not going to happen.

If I can control my tilt I will beat $600NL. I look forward to playing $1kNL soon.


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