$600NL is hard!

I played again last night. I lost about $1.3k! I lost a vast majority of it on tilt.Today I only played $400NL on Party. I won about $1.5k. I’m going to continue playing $400NL till I’ve won another few Gs. I hope I stick to my word this time.It’s funny how I tilted $1.3k early yesterday. I then ground it all back at $400NL and then went on to lose it again at $600NL. Today I’ve ground it back again. At least I’ve made a profit over the last 2 days.I’m not going to be playing poker for the next 24hrs because of Tisha B’Av. I hope to read a lot of Harry Potter in this time. To beat $600NL I first need to tighten up a bit. At $400NL I play 24/19. At $600NL I was playing 26/21.5 for some reason. The games at $600NL are very tough and aggressive.I think I will tighten up even more to 22/16 when I next play $600NL and then open it up to 24/19 when I’m more comfortable with the game. 


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